Can Evolving Wilds Fetch Shock Lands?

"Stoned players can't attack, block, or play spells or abilities." Farseek can fetch a Shockland, however, Borderland Ranger and Evolving Wilds cannot fetch Shocks because they are not Basic Lands. via

Can Evolving Wilds be used first turn?

So yes you can play Evolving Wilds, sacrifice it, and get a basic land from your library in the battlefield, all in the same turn. via

What dual lands can be fetched?

Allied Duals

  • Tundra.
  • Underground Sea.
  • Badlands.
  • Taiga.
  • Savannah.
  • via

    Can you use Evolving Wilds for mana?

    You can tap Evolving Wilds/Fetch Lands to generate black mana when an Urborg is out. via

    Are fetch lands legal?

    As long as the card has the land type that the fetch land says, it is a legal object for the ability to put into play. The ability is not 'playing' the second land, but putting it directly onto the battlefield. via

    Can fetch lands tap for mana?

    fetch lands don't make mana. any land (that is non basic) will have all its abilities stated on the card. if tap for mana is not listed, then it doesn't have this ability. any land (that is non basic) will have all its abilities stated on the card. via

    Does Evolving Wilds count as a land?

    Yes, it's a land. via

    Why are dual lands so expensive?

    Because almost all decks use land, and in legacy, the format that can use these lands is heavy blue, the original blue dual lands are pretty expensive. via

    What are the best dual lands?

    1 – 10: The Best Dual Lands Ever

  • Onslaught Makes Fetch Happen.
  • Ice Age Brings the Pain.
  • Scars of Mirrodin's Turn Three Lands.
  • Apocalypse Finishes the Pain Land Cycle.
  • Mirage Tries to Make Fetch Happen.
  • Zendikar Finishes the Fetch Land Cycle.
  • Ravnica Block's Karoo Lands.
  • Shadowmoor's Filter Lands.
  • via

    Do dual lands count as basic lands?

    Ravnica dual lands count as both basic land types, and sometimes that can be as valuable as the mana they produce. via

    Do all lands produce mana?

    There are six basic lands, which can each tap to generate one mana of the corresponding mana type, but only five basic land types. Although most colorless cards have purely generic mana costs, certain spells specifically require colorless mana to cast. via

    Can you fetch Triomes?

    ChannelFireball on Twitter: "The fetch lands can grab the Triomes and the Mystic Sanctuary cycle.… " via

    Are fetch lands worth it?

    They're worth the price to competitive players because they're the best lands to use, and competitive players are trying to optimize their decks. If you're on a budget, you could always build BW warriors which is tier 2 but still competitive for FNM. via

    Will fetch lands go up in price?

    The fetch lands will almost certainly drop in price, but it will probably be a temporary drop like we saw in 2017. There will only be a drastic drop down to the $20 range if the fetch lands simply show up again as Standard-legal rares. via

    Will fetch lands be reprinted?

    Enemy fetch lands just recently got reprinted in Modern Horizons 2. Before that, they got a reprint as a part of the Zendikar Rising Expeditions. That's why we aren't expecting a fetch land reprint very soon. However, once it does happen, we might only get the allied fetch lands, since these had fewer reprints. via

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