Can I Buy A Set Top Box For Verizon FIOS?

Re: Can I buy a STB for Verizon FiOS? Like it or not, you have to rent a STB for almost every cable provider. The only thing you can buy is a Tivo but that also requires a monthly fee or a lifetime subscription. via

Does FIOS need a box for every TV?


Yes. As long as the TV has a QAM tuner which most newer HDTVs do. Take the cable from the FiOS box and plug it into the coaxial input on the back of the TV. Next you will have to do a channel scan using the TV provided remote. via

How much does Verizon charge for equipment?

Equipment rental charge: $15.00 a month for all plans except the Fios Gigabit Connection plan. Early termination fee: Verizon Fios has no annual contracts, so no early termination fees. via

How do I get a new Verizon cable box?

Re: Ordering an additional STB box online? The Option is available on the Main Overview Screen when you logon to MyVerizon. From there select TV and there will be an option to add/return equipment. via

Can I buy my own set-top box?

You can buy a standalone box, which are typically better-designed for this particular feature; everything from the remote to the interface is geared entirely around set-top and streaming features, and they're usually a little simpler to figure out. via

How do I replace my Verizon set-top box?

UPS Store the nearest . They will box and ship the equipment back to Verizon at no cost to you. If you cannot schedule a pick-up or there is no Mail Boxes Etc. or UPS store near your location, you can bring the defective Set-Top Box to one of the specially designated Verizon FiOS TV locations. via

How do I connect two tvs to one FiOS box?

Plug a different coaxial cable into one of the "Out" ports on the channel splitter and connect the opposite end to the "In" port on a TV. Repeat this process for all of the televisions you want to connect to FiOS. via

Can you stream FiOS on a smart TV?

FiOS subscribers that have both FiOS TV and FiOS Internet subscriptions can easily download the free FiOS TV app on their compatible Samsung Smart devices without requiring a secondary set-top box. via

Can I buy a router instead of renting from Verizon?

Re: Rent-to-own router

Verizon does not have a rent to own policy. You either purchase a router on your own or rent from Verizon. If you purchase a Verizon router, they will provide tech support for it. And will provide warranty service. via

Can Verizon waive installation fee?

Setup and installation fees — Verizon Fios internet plans require an Installation Fee of $99.00. This Fee is waived if ordered online. via

Does Verizon have hidden fees?

Verizon Wireless has its own surcharges that it puts into your bill. These are usually the most well-hidden of charges because they are not explained when you sign up or on any of the promotional advertisements. via

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