Can I Switch My YouTube Account To A Different Email?

A subsidiary of Google, YouTube requires all users to link their video sharing accounts with Google accounts. Although this policy may limit which type of email address can be associated with your video sharing account, users can transfer their YouTube account to another Google account at any time. via

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How do I link my YouTube channel to another Gmail account?

  • Step 1: Create a new channel via a Brand Account.
  • Step 2: Connect your channel to the Brand Account.
  • Step 3: Transfer ownership of the Brand Account.
  • Step 1: Add the other Google account as a channel owner.
  • Step 2: Accept the invitation from the other Google account.
  • Step 3: Wait for 24 hours.
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    Can you switch your YouTube to another Google account?

    Visit the In the top right corner of, click your channel icon. Now click on Switch account. You'll see a list of the Accounts that you manage, as well as your Google Account identity. via

    How do I link my YouTube accounts to another account?

  • Sign in to your YouTube Studio.
  • Click Settings, then click Channel.
  • Click the Advanced settings tab.
  • Click Link Account.
  • Enter a name for the link, a Google Ads customer ID, and choose which permissions you will grant.
  • Click Done.
  • Click Save.
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    How do I transfer my YouTube account to my TV?

  • Select your profile picture.
  • Select the drop-down.
  • Choose an account: If the account is already signed in, select it to proceed. If the account isn't already signed in, select Add account and add your Google Account details to proceed.
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    Can people see my email on YouTube?

    on your youtube channel home page check the about page, it should be hidden by default, now if your gmail is your [email protected], and your username is your name, then yeah they could. via

    What happens when you move your YouTube channel to a brand account?

    By moving your YouTube channel to a YouTube Brand Account your existing videos, subscribers, views, and interactions, as well as your channel-layout, will be transferred automatically. However, please note that some content cannot be moved. via

    How do you switch accounts?

  • From the top of any Home screen, the lock screen, and many app screens, swipe down with 2 fingers. This opens your Quick Settings.
  • Tap Switch user .
  • Tap a different user. That user can now sign in.
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    How do I change my account?

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap on Google/Google Settings.
  • Tap on the dropdown arrow next to the current default Google account.
  • Tap a different account.
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    How do I transfer my YouTube subscriptions to another account?

    To do this, you have to open the 'Manage subscriptions' page on YouTube and enter your old account credentials. After you're logged in and the page opens, you'll see a list of all your subscribed channels. This is where you scroll down to the bottom of the page till you get the option to 'Export Subscriptions'. via

    How do I link my YouTube account to my Google account?

  • Go to the homepage.
  • Click the "Sign In" link.
  • Enter your YouTube username and password for your YouTube channel and click the "Sign In" button.
  • Go to the YouTube link page.
  • Select the "Please link your YouTube and Google accounts" option.
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    Why can't I use my Gmail account for YouTube?

    If you're having trouble signing in with your YouTube username, try signing in to your account by entering your full email address. You're still signing into the same account as always—you just need to enter the email address on the account instead of your YouTube username. via

    Can I share YouTube TV with family in another house?

    Location requirements work the same if you're sharing your YouTube TV membership with a family group. The family manager sets the home area, and all family members must primarily live in the same household. All family group members must periodically use YouTube TV in your home location to maintain access. via

    Can I share YouTube TV with family in another state?

    The family manager sets the home area, and each family member must primarily live in the same household. Family group members need to periodically use YouTube TV in your home location to keep access. If the family manager can't change the home location, family group members will need to get an individual membership. via

    Do you need a Gmail account for YouTube TV?

    And so signing up for YouTube TV is as easy as having a Google account. And that's important, really, because you're going to need a Google Account if you want to use YouTube TV. You'll then select the Google account you'll be using, and confirm your local viewing area. via

    Should I use my personal email for YouTube?

    If you're creating a YouTube channel for your business or service, for example, don't use a personal email address when prompted for your current email address. The Google username you select will also become your YouTube channel name, and a free Gmail address will be issued to the account. via

    Should I use my real name on Google account?

    Firstly, you don't necessarily need to put your real name (although it is a requirement by Google). You can just put your nickname and make it look convincing that it is a name, and you should be okay with it. via

    How do I hide my email from my YouTube channel?

    Uncheck the "Let people find my channel on YouTube if they have my email address" if it is checked to prevent someone from using your email address to locate your channel on YouTube. via

    How do I move channels from one account to another?

  • Your Google Account is not the primary account owner.
  • Other users have access to your channel in Studio permissions.
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    Can a YouTube channel have multiple owners?

    A YouTube account can have multiple Owners. Make sure you trust the person you allocate as an Owner as they have a high level of access to your account! via

    Do you need 1000 subscribers on YouTube to get paid?

    To start earning money directly from YouTube, creators must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year. Once they reach that threshold, they can apply for YouTube's Partner Program, which allows creators to start monetizing their channels through ads, subscriptions, and channel memberships. via

    How do I log in to a different Gmail account?

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open your device's Settings app Google. Manage your Google Account.
  • At the top, tap Personal info.
  • Under "Contact info," tap Email.
  • Under "Alternate emails", select Add alternate email or Add other email.
  • Enter an email address you own. Select Add.
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    How do I switch back to another user?

  • Click Start and then click the arrow on the side of the Shut Down button. You see several menu commands.
  • Choose Switch User.
  • Click the user you want to log in as.
  • Type the password and then click the arrow button to log in.
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    Can I have two Gmail addresses on the same account?

    You are allowed to have as many accounts as you want, and Gmail make it easy to simultaneously sign in to multiple accounts. If you have more than one Google Account, you can sign in to multiple accounts at once. Your accounts have separate settings, but in some cases, settings from your default account might apply. via

    Can I change age on Google account?

    Sign in to your Google Account privacy page on a computer. Click Personal info. Click Birthday. Verify or update as needed. via

    Can I change my email address without creating a new account?

    How to Change Your Gmail Name Without Creating a New Email Address. You can't change your username or the actual email address. You can only change the name associated with the account. If people have you saved as something else in their contacts, that's the name they'll see. via

    Why can't I change my Google account name?

    If you can't change your name

    If you get an error that says "This setting can't be changed for your account," it may mean: You've changed your name too many times during a short period of time. You're on a Google Workspace account and your admin doesn't allow you to change your profile name. via

    Why is my YouTube account a brand account?

    A YouTube Brand Account is a business account you can activate and manage through your personal channel. This Brand Account gives your business a YouTube presence of its own with your company's unique name, branding, and content. Additionally, YouTube allows you to add channel managers to the account. via

    How do you know if you have a brand account?

  • Go to You may need to sign in first.
  • Check under "Your Brand Accounts" to find your associated Brand Accounts.
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    Is a Google Account the same as a YouTube account?

    YouTube accounts are identical to Google accounts. When you create an account on YouTube, you also create an account on Google. Likewise, when you create an account on Google, you can also use this account information to log in to YouTube. via

    How do I activate my YouTube account? (video)

    How do I login to my YouTube account? (video)

    Why can't I use my YouTube account?

    If you can't log in to your YouTube account, check if your browser is to blame for this issue. Clear the cache, disable your extensions, check for updates and restart your browser. If you're using the correct login details but you're locked out, try to recover your account. Chances are your YouTube account got hacked. via

    Why does my YouTube account says this action isn't allowed?

    What is this “This action isn't allowed” problem? This error falls in two situations in your android phone. The Gmail account linked with youtube is not proper sync. Internet connection is not good. via

    Why the YouTube is not working?

    Open the settings menu on your device, tap on “Apps,” and select YouTube. The next step is to choose “Storage,” which will bring up two options: Clear data and Clear cache. Clear the cache first and check if YouTube now works as it should. If it doesn't, go back and clear data to see if that solves the problem. via

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