Can You Do The Navy Revolver Challenge On Another Character?

It's impossible to acquire this gun for two characters on the same account. If you've already acquired the gun on one character, the Slasher clues won't appear for your second character, nor is the gun available at Ammu-Nation, making it impossible for your second character to acquire it. via

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What do you get for 50 headshots?

With 50 headshots completed, you'll see a GTA$250,000 deposit go direct to your Maze-Bank account, and your exclusive weapon will be available via your Social Club account when you load up Red Dead Redemption 2. via

What is the challenge for the double action revolver?

Note that a Headshot Challenge is active for the Double-Action Revolver. Complete this challenge by scoring 50 headshots against players or AI, and you'll unlock a variant of the weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2 (if you have linked your Rockstar Social Club Account. via

Is the double action revolver challenge still available?

If you haven't unlocked it yet, the golden Red Dead Redemption 2 double-action revolver is still available in GTA Online as well. To unlock the revolver, follow these steps: Log onto GTA Online and play until you are sent an in-game email. Go to the final location and claim the revolver. via

What happens if the Los Santos slasher kills you?

The Los Santos Slasher has hunted you down. Take him out to earn a reward. After killing him, the player will be rewarded with the Navy Revolver, $50,000 on hand, and $50,000 in the bank. via

Can you still get the Navy revolver in GTA 5 2021?

How to Get the Navy Revolver. The Navy Revolver belongs to the killer himself, so the only way to get it is, in fact, to kill him back. However, the killer is in hiding, and will have to be lured out. To do so, you'll have to find the five clues he's left behind, annoying him enough to attack you. via

How do you know how many kills you have with a double action revolver?

If you want to know how many total player kills you have with any pistol and it's less than 500, check under stats – awards – combat. You need 500 for platinum, 200 for gold, 100 for silver, 10 for bronze. via

How many kills do you need with the double action revolver?

Once you open the chest and get the Double-Action Revolver, you must complete the Headshot Challenge in freemode. This basically requires you to kill 25 players with headshots. To find the Double-Action Revolver in Red Dead Redemption 2 in Red Dead Redemption 2, head to a Gunsmith any time from Chapter 1 onwards. via

Is GTA V treasure hunt worth it?

Treasure hunts are one of the most lucrative and fun ways to earn the big bucks in GTA Online. This GTA Online mission is worth $250,000. To take the game - or rather the money - to the next level, the player can take part in another treasure hunt prompted by a certain Maude. via

How much money do you get from the double-action revolver challenge?

Once you acquire your gratis Double-Action Revolver, complete the Headshot Challenge in Freemode for a GTA$250,000 reward and unlock it for future gun-slinging exploits in Red Dead Redemption 2 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. via

How do I get a 250k revolver? (video)

Can you do the treasure hunt twice in GTA 5?

How to Unlock the Double Action Revolver. The treasure hunt quest can only be done once, and it should be pretty clear when it's beginning. via

Can you still get the stone hatchet in GTA 5 2020?

Following GTA Online's treasure hunt where you could unlock a Red Dead Redemption 2 revolver, you can now unlock a stone hatchet from Rockstar's upcoming Western. A little while after you sign into GTA Online, you'll get a text message from a new contact called Maude Eccles, who you might remember from GTA 5. via

How many kills do you need with the stone hatchet?

Once you have the Stone Hatchet, you'll need to get 25 kills while using it. Once 25 enemies have been butchered, you'll unlock a GTA $250,000 reward and the Stone Hatchet will become available as an exclusive weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2. via

How do you get a stone AXE in GTA 5?

The Stone Hatchet can be unlocked by completing five Bounty Target missions that begin once the player receives a text from Maude Eccles followed by an email. via

Why was Johnny killed in GTA 5?

By 2013, the events of Grand Theft Auto V, Johnny and the remaining members of The Lost moved to Sandy Shores, Blaine County, where he was murdered by Trevor Philips in a confrontation after Trevor himself was having sex with Johnny's former girlfriend, Ashley Butler. via

What happens if the slasher kills you in GTA 5?

After you've killed the Slasher you will be rewarded with $50,000 and a new Navy Revolver. Furthermore, if you land 50 headshots with this revolver, you will get $200,000 GTA$ along with an exclusive Red Dead Online weapon. via

Who is the infinite 8 killer?

Abrahams resided on Cholla Springs Avenue, Sandy Shores, for much of his life, until he began developing a severely psychotic state of mind, and an apparent obsession with both the number 8 and infinity (∞). He claimed that "8 is just infinity stood up", hence his nickname The Infinity Killer. via

How many kills do you need with the Navy revolver?

Completing the GTA Online mystery will earn you the Navy Revolver and unlock the Navy Revolver Challenge, complete the challenge by getting 50 kills of your own with the Revolver to earn GTA$250,000 and Social Club members will unlock the Lowery Revolver in Red Dead Online. via

How long is an hour in GTA 5?

1 Answer. A full day in GTA 5 takes 48 minutes real time. One hour takes 2 minutes. Game time stops when pausing, will automatically advance when starting some missions and using a bed to save will advance game time by 6 hours (Michael), 8 hours (Franklin) or 12 hours (Trevor). via

Can you get Lowry's revolver in story mode?

Acquisition. After solving the "Los Santos Slasher" mystery in Grand Theft Auto Online and killing 50 NPCs or players in said game with the Navy Revolver, Lowry's Revolver becomes available in Red Dead Online. It can be found in a lockbox in Lucky's Cabin. via

How do you get 50 kills with a navy revolver?

In GTA Online, solving the mystery will also trigger the the Navy Revolver Challenge, which awards you with GTA$250,000 for getting 50 kills with the same weapon. Completing the challenge will spawn the weapon in Red Dead Online. There's also another layer to this quest. via

How do you get the double action revolver in GTA 5? (video)

How do you check weapon stats in GTA V?

On your social club page, choose stats. Then Weapons. via

Do the double action revolver headshots have to be on players?

After finding the secret Red Dead Redemption 2 Treasure hidden in GTA 5 Online you will need to get 50 Headshots with the Double Action Revolver to receive the reward. The kills do not need to be on real life players for it to count & can be done on pedestrians which makes this challenge a whole lot easier. via

Do the double action revolver headshots have to be on players? (video)

What is a Schofield pistol?

REVOLVERS. Designed by Major Schofield of U.S. Army the Schofield Revolver was an improvement and up-grade of earlier top-break Single Action revolvers produced in the line of the legendary firearms company Smith & Wesson. The United States Army contracted a total of over 5 000 Schofields with 7-1/2″ barrel lengths. via

Where is the stone hatchet in rdr2?

The Stone Hatchet is a Unique Weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2. It can only be found if you have an active GTA Online account. It's located Northwest of Strawberry in Big Valley in the West Elizabeth region of the map. via

Where is CJ's house in GTA 5?

However, in GTA 5 and GTA Online, Grove Street GTA 5: CJ house is only a small brick house. It's located at the end of Grove Street, and it still has a garage on the right of the house. This is an iconic location in GTA 5 and GTA Online. CJ's house in GTA 5 is a small brick house at the end of Grove Street. via

How much money do you get from the treasure hunt in GTA 5?

Note: The treasure hunt can be completed by both online characters to unlock the weapon but the headshot challenge is combined across both characters so there will only be one $250,000 awarded per account. via

How much is the treasure worth in GTA?

The caches are found scattered around the map, and you'll know when you're near one as you hear a little jingling bell sound. You can find two caches per day: one on land, and one underwater. Each chest will net you $15,000 – not a massive bonus, but a decent little boost whenever you're running the heist. via

How do I claim 250k in GTA 5? (video)

What is GTA Freemode?

GTA Online Freemode Events and Challenges are tasks that pop up at regular intervals while you're in freemode, and provide various activities to take part in without having to go through any matchmaking lobbies or loading screens first. via

How do you do the revolver glitch in GTA? (video)

What does the GTA treasure hunt give you?

The reward is a gold-plated double action Revolver. In order to start the hunt, you need to join an online session and wait for an e-mail with a photo attached to it. The image will show you one of 20 possible locations with the clue — a note written on a piece of paper. via

What do you do with the Navy revolver in GTA?

Get [50-1] kills with the Navy Revolver in GTA Online to earn a GTA$ reward and unlock an exclusive Bounty Target in Red Dead Online. via

Can you get the revolver in GTA 5 story mode?

Grand Theft Auto V

Heavy Revolver and Switchblade aren't available in Single Player!!! via

Does the GTA treasure hunt give you money?

Treasure hunt can make you a BOAT load of money in GTA online! via

How do u get a shovel in GTA 5?

Enter the Junkyard but go close to the south wall as you proceed east through the facility. After climbing over some large blockie stuff you should see a very large container crate and a pile of coal to your left. Turn left at the corner at the end of the container crate and you should see the Shovel. via

How do you trigger a treasure hunt in GTA 5?

To start the Treasure Hunt in GTA Online, you have to join an online session and play in Freemode. In five minutes you'll receive an email with a picture of a specified location. Head to the marked area and find the note. You will hear a chime when you'll approach it. via

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