Can You Put Honey On Your Phone?

Download Honey on your phone If you shop often on your phone, you should also download the Honey mobile app. This app works just like the regular Honey browser extension, and it's available for iOS and Android devices. via

How do I add Honey to my phone browser?

  • Click on the Extensions icon (it looks like a puzzle piece) in the upper right-hand corner of your toolbar.
  • Click the pin button to "pin" the Honey extension to the toolbar.
  • Voila!
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    Is the app Honey illegal?

    Browser extensions like Honey are usually safe, but there is a potential for abuse. These extensions can include malware, and they are also capable of collecting your private data for various purposes. In the specific case of Honey, it appears to be totally safe. via

    How does Honey work on mobile?

    Honey Droplist tracks the price of products you're interested in. Once Honey detects there's a lower price on a product you're watching, it will notify you so you can make your purchase at a cheaper price. When you have Honey installed, select retailers will have a Honey droplist button at the top of the page. via

    Does Honey actually work on Amazon?

    "I hate couponing but I love saving money, which is why I'm a fan of Honey, a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout. Even better, they just released an update that lets you track price drops on Amazon." Amber L. "Absolutely works. via

    Is Honey a legit app?

    FAQs about the Honey app

    It's safe to use, and it's also free. Honey does collect your data as you're browsing online stores, but only so it can properly alert you to coupons and deals depending on which webpage you're currently browsing. Honey says they never sell your personal information. via

    How do I add Honey to my Iphone browser?

  • Click on the Extensions icon (it looks like a puzzle piece) in the upper right-hand corner of your toolbar.
  • Click the pin button to "pin" the Honey extension to the toolbar.
  • Voila! Now you'll see the Honey icon when you shop on your favorite supported sites.
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    Does Honey expire?

    Even though honey doesn't have an expiration date, it can still undergo natural changes. The National Honey Board says that over time honey may “darken and lose its aroma and flavor or crystallize,” depending on changes in temperature. In fact, it proves your honey is real and not pasteurized! via

    How do I activate Honey?

    To make sure Honey is installed and working on your browser, check for an h icon in the upper right corner of your toolbar if you're using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Edge. If the h is orange, Honey is supported on that shopping site. Available coupons found for that site will be illuminated in green. via

    What shops does honey work with?

    Just shop like you normally do on your favorite sites. Honey works on 40,000+ top stores like Macy's, J. Crew, Lowe's, Adidas, Stubhub, Ulta, Target, Sephora, GameStop, Nike, Target, and Pizza Hut. We even find deals on Amazon. via

    Can you uninstall honey?

    If you decide Honey is not for you, you can delete your account by following these two steps. 1) Visit your Account Settings page and click the Delete account link at the bottom of the page. 2) Enter in the unique code shown below to confirm your account deletion. via

    Does honey steal your information?

    In order to provide our products, Honey collects information that you share directly with us when you use our website, extension, or Mobile App. Honey does not track your search engine history, emails, or your browsing on any site that is not a retail website (a site where you can shop and make a purchase). via

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