Can You Trade Fiefs In Warband?

To support consolidating your properties you may now negotiate with other vassals to trade fiefs. You can suggest a trade with any other vassal of your faction and if you're a ruler then you may negotiate a trade between two vassals of your realm. via

How do you give away a castle in Mount and Blade Warband?

In order to take control of a castle away from an opposing faction, you must besiege it. Note that you must have a negative relation and at least 10 troops before being given the option. via

How do you give a fief to a lord in Bannerlord?

You need to talk to a member of one of your vassal clans (not a mercenary clan and not your own clan!). It doesn't matter if they're the leader of the clan or a junior member. If you meet the requirements, you will have a new dialog option: "I am granting a new fief to your clan." via

How do you make a companion a vassal in Warband?

A vassal is a servant of a ruler, and are usually lords of castles and villages. There are many vassals in the game, each one aligned to a certain faction. The player can become a vassal by swearing an oath to a king or by marrying into the family of one of his vassals. via

How do I increase my trade skill in Bannerlord?

Anyway, the Trade skill is increased via operating caravans (XP gains don't seem to work at the moment), successfully bartering with nobles (telling them that you have a proposal that might be beneficial and succeeding with the trade), and the buy low/sell high routine explained above (which can be a little tricky as via

How do traders level up in Bannerlord?

  • Get a solid stock of a merchandise.
  • Find a city that buys it at a high price OR one that sells a lot of it (buying a lot allows to increase the price).
  • Wait for a caravan to enter a field of view.
  • via

    How do you own a castle in Warband?

    In order to take control of a castle, you must besiege it... With an enemy have the option to besiege it and claim it for your own... There are other ways for a faction to capture a castle in Warband other than just besieging it. via

    Can you build a castle in Warband?

    To start you will need to create a Construction Site. You do this from your camp action menu. The player is able to build 6 castles in total. via

    How do you manage fief in Bannerlord?

    To increase food production in your fief in Bannerlord, you have to upgrade your granary to at least level 3 as soon as possible. It also increases through village production, caravans in towns, Irrigation Daily Default, a Hunting Rights policy, etc. via

    What faction should I join Bannerlord?

    If we were to choose a faction simply based on the gameplay bonuses they offer, then we'd go for the Empire. Construction, repair, and siege battles are all vital to your success during Bannerlord's mid to late game. The Aserai's money-saving perks are another viable option. via

    How do you get a companion as a lord in Bannerlord?

    Go near the fief (town or castle) that you wish to bestow to your companion. Then talk to the companion you chose by either using the talk button on the party screen or going inside the fief. When you speak to them, if you meet all the requirements then you'll have the dialog option to make them a vassal. via

    How do you hire mercenaries in Bannerlord? (video)

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