Did You Save Chloe Or Arcadia Bay?

We had to save Chloe to progress in the game, but in the end we can take back this decision. Personally, I chose the "Sacrifice Chloe/Save Arcadia Bay" ending. via

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Does everyone die if you save Chloe?

If at the end you choose to sacrifice Chloe, then everyone still dies in the storm timeline. All you are really doing is choosing what timeline the time traveling Max wants to live in. via

Does Warren die if you sacrifice Arcadia Bay?

Sacrifice Arcadia Bay Ending. It's not explicitly shown, but highly likely that most, if not all those in the Two Whales Diner, being Warren Graham, Joyce Price, Frank Bowers, (determinant) and Pompidou (determinant), are dead in the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending when the full force of the storm hit the town. via

Is there a third ending to life is strange?

It wasn't a third ending. It was when we were in the writing process, when you make the choice of sacrificing Chloe to save Arcadia Bay, we were hesitating between really killing Chloe like we did and maybe leaving her in a coma to offer hope that she could still be alive. via

Did Max and Chloe end up together?

There's more proof that Chloe and Max are indeed back together. In a selfie Max took October 9, an Instagram user asked if he and Chloe were still together, and he replied, "Yes." via

Are Chloe and Max in life is strange 2?

They are long-time friends, regardless of Max's choices. In Life is Strange 2, if a player had sacrificed Arcadia Bay to save Chloe in the original game, Max and Chloe will be seen in a photograph inside a trailer that belongs to Chloe's step-father, David Madsen. via

Does Chloe price have powers?

As a prequel, it would make absolutely zero narrative sense for new protagonist Chloe Price to have this power in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, but that doesn't mean our girl is powerless: she has a new skill called backtalk, which Deck Nine describes as a risk-reward system for getting what she wants - not an via

How do you get Chloe out of the train tracks?

Head for the fuse box. When Max opens it, there will be several wires to cut. Choose the red wire and the switching lever will unlock. When the prompt appears, Max will pull the lever and Chloe will get off of the tracks just as the train arrives. via

Why did Max get her powers?

Max got her powers in Seattle because a good friend died. Sean got his powers in Seatlle because his father died. via

Does Warren like Max?

Warren is one of two love interests for Max. Within the fandom, their relationship is known as Grahamfield and Marren. Warren has been one of Max's earliest friends after she moved back to Arcadia Bay from Seattle. via

Did you choose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay Life is strange 2?

As noted by Koch himself on Twitter, Life is Strange 2 starts out by asking players if they chose to save or sacrifice Arcadia Bay, so this actually suits itself to the player choice. So there is still no "canon" ending to LiS1. via

Why does Chloe have to die?

So a lot of people are convinced that Chloe has to die. seem to be the result of Max rewinding time and it seems that the universe wants Chloe to die, since she can die five times during the game (Nathan shoots her, she shoots herself, hit by a train, Jefferson shoots her, killed by Max in alt. via

How many endings Life is strange?

Endings | Episode 5: Polarized Life is Strange Guide

The only difference between the two available endings is a short cutscene which practically ignores everything that you encountered during the playthrough. via

Should you give Frank the money?

During the conversation with Frank, you can start a fight with him, by making him angry twice. He will not be angry if afterwards, the girls will eventually give him the money. If they refuse, each answer that can make him angry will start the fight. The Principal will haunt Max in dreams and talk about the theft. via

Can you save Rachel in life is strange?

When popular girl Rachel Amber goes missing, her absence sets the story — about a teenage girl named Max who can rewind time and her best friend Chloe, who is in love with Rachel — in motion. In the end, you learn that Rachel can't be saved, and Chloe may be doomed as well, depending on how you play. via

What episode does Max kiss Chloe?

MAX and CHLOE KISS (SECRET ENDING) Life is Strange- Episode 5- Polarized (SAD Moments) SPOILERS - YouTube. via

What episode does Max kiss Chloe? (video)


What happens to Chloe and Max?

The first issue of Life is Strange sets the story after the ending preferred by Max-and-Chloe lovers: Arcadia Bay, their town, is destroyed by the hurricane that threatens to decimate it throughout the season. Max and Chloe manage to escape unscathed, and have now begun a new life in Seattle. via

Will we ever see Max and Chloe again?

Despite Life Is Strange's successful past entries, it is unlikely that players will ever see Chloe and Max together again in a new game. Life is Strange is a masterpiece for its target market, with in-depth writing and a nostalgic atmosphere. via

Is Chloe and Max in life is strange 3?

Downloadable content (DLC) for “Life is Strange” was released in 2017 titled “Life is Strange: Before the Storm.” This DLC followed Max's friend Chloe three years before the events of “Life is Strange.” via

What happens if Kate Marsh dies?

Kate Died. If Kate succeeded in committing suicide, in the art class scene of Max's nightmare, Kate's place in Jefferson's classroom will be splattered with blood. In the Girls' Dormitory scene, Kate is seen sitting in front of her dormitory room and mourning at her memorial. via

What happens to Max after life is strange?

Soon after the accident, Max moved to Seattle with her parents, leaving her best friend and her old life behind. The two fell out of touch, especially after Chloe's mother Joyce Price remarried. Five years later, Max is granted a scholarship for Blackwell Academy - a school of arts and sciences. via

Is Chloe price depressed?

Players take the role of Chloe Price, who is depressed after both the death of her father and her best friend moving away. Players can answer back in situations, and face the consequences - either the dialogue helps get Chloe out of an unpleasant situation, or it makes matters worse. via

Is Chloe Price Non binary?

Chloe Price – Life is Strange

In an interview with FemHype, an online blog and “safe space for women and nonbinary genders,” Price's voice actress Ashly Burch spoke out about Chloe's gender and sexuality. “I don't think she really likes to label herself in any particular way—same with her gender.” via

Can you stop Chloe from getting shot?

You will have to decide whether to kill Chloe (she asks you to do it) or refuse her. The choice might seem to be important but in fact it isn't. You can kill her or refuse but the story will go exactly the same. via

How many cigarettes does Chloe have?

The questions, and the answers to them, are as follows: Cigarettes - after the correct answer, Chloe will ask you how many cigarettes are in the pack. The correct answer is seven. via

What do you say to Kate to save her?

Kate will message Max and thank her. During the situation on the rooftop, it will be easier for you to save Kate. During conversation you will get two dialogue options: "You are my friend" and "I'm here for you" in each one of them brings you closer to saving the girl. via

What to do in the principal's office Life is strange?

Guide Max into the office, and make sure you are on the other side of the door, then rewind time to a point before you blew it up. Now you will be on the other side, and can simply walk up to it and unlock it for Chloe. via

Did Rachel really love Chloe?

The extent of Chloe and Rachel's relationship is never made clear in Life is Strange: Season 1, but it does appear from various actions and comments that Chloe had a crush on Rachel, whether that crush was unrequited or not. Rachel cared about Chloe to some degree to send her postcards that said, "Miss you. via

Who is the killer in Life is Strange?

Mark Jefferson (born April 11, 1975) is a photography teacher at Blackwell Academy and the main antagonist of Life is Strange. As a famous photographer and a widely recognized artist across America, he gained popularity during the '90s. via

Which Life is Strange ending is canon?

Essentially, Max either preserves thousands of lives or ensures the well being of the one person who matters most to her. According to Dontnod, there is no canon ending. via

Can you date Warren Life is strange?

You can either go after the badass Chloe or the kind-hearted Warren. If you're opting for the latter, you need to make several decisions throughout the game to make it a true romance. After all, the guy is already in love with Max before the first episode begins, whereas she only sees him as a friend. via

What happens if I let Warren beat up Nathan?

If this happens, Chloe will take the gun off Nathan but if you decide to stop Warren from beating up Nathan, Nathan will run away with the gun, threatening to tell his father. Frank (and Pompidou if still alive) are killed by Chloe. Frank is wounded by Chloe. via

How do you kiss Warren Life is strange? (video)

Should I call Lyla Life is strange 2?

Conclusion: Lyla won't be very well, even if you call her in both episodes, but she will try to protect you from "internet haters" and the police. Lyla will be in a terrible condition if you don't call her in the first episode and her mother will hold Sean responsible. via

What happens if you don't sacrifice Arcadia Bay in life is strange 2?

Life is Strange 2

If Arcadia Bay was sacrificed, the town will appear abandoned, and the lighthouse will be half destroyed from the storm (as we see happen to it in Max's visions). via

Is Blackwell academy a high school or college?

The Student Guide to Blackwell Academy A College-Preparatory High School in Arcadia Bay, Oregon, Leading Students Toward Excellence in the Sciences and Arts. via

How did Chloe end up in a wheelchair?

She is run off the road by a driver in an SUV, the resulting crash sending her car into a ditch and injuring her spine, and the last thing Chloe feels is her "back snap". When she regains consciousness at the hospital, she learns she had been paralyzed by the accident. via

How does Chloe Decker die?

Using bullets made out of one of Maze's melted down demon blades, Chloe kills two angels and helps Lucifer to break the Flaming Sword apart. However, Michael mortally wounds Chloe with a broken staff made out of the Tree of Life and she dies in Lucifer's arms, letting go of her guilt and ascending into Heaven. via

How many times did Chloe die?

Chloe dies a estimated seven times in the entire game. via

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