Do I Really Need SmartThings?

To answer your question, if you already have Google Home and smart plugs in your home, there is no need for smartthings hub. Nevertheless, if you already have a smartthings hub, then you should consider buying Google Home. Google Home is the best smart speaker that will control your home with voice commands. via

Is the SmartThings app worth it?

Samsung SmartThings Hub review: Verdict

By virtue of its more-advanced automations and ability to link to both Z-Wave and Zigbee devices, the Samsung SmartThings Hub is still the best choice for linking multiple smart home products together. via

Is SmartThings being discontinued?

All Samsung-made SmartThings hubs from 2013 and the SmartThings Link for Nvidia Shield will stop working. After June 30th, you'll be able to see connected Wi-Fi and cloud-connected devices in the SmartThings app, but that's it. via

Is SmartThings better than wink?

Final Verdict. According to our analysis, the SmartThings hub is our winner between the two. The SmartThings hub has features that outweigh the Wink 2. It has a USB port, it has no limitation as to how many devices you can connect, and it has a battery backup. via

What can I do with Samsung SmartThings?

SmartThings is Samsung's smart home platform, which allows you to control all of the connected devices in your home. Set your home's thermostats, keep watch from security cameras and video doorbells, automate lighting from connected bulbs and switches, and monitor your backyard's sprinkler system—all from one app. via

Is SmartThings safe?

Is Samsung SmartThings hub secure? It is secure unless you expose the device for vulnerabilities. We have some official reports of Samsung's SmartThings hub's vulnerability issues. There are 20 issues that were recorded already and Samsung released the updated Firmware version. via

Is there a monthly fee for SmartThings?

No, SmartThings does not require a monthly fee. It is free to use. Other devices or services may be available for purchase through the SmartThings app. Purchasing the Hub alone does not come with additional sensors, so that is a cost you will want to factor in. via

Is Hubitat better than SmartThings?

First, note that both these hubs come with different options. But for the most part, Samsung's SmartThings is the clear winner here. It costs fairly less than what Hubitat will cost you. Do keep in mind that Hubitat does come with some better automation options. via

What devices are compatible with SmartThings?

SmartThings works directly with the Arlo, Arlo Pro, Q Plus, and Q cameras. via

Is Samsung killing SmartThings?

Samsung is killing the first-generation SmartThings Hub at the end of the month, kicking off phase two of its plan to shut down the SmartThings ecosystem and force users over to in-house Samsung infrastructure. via

What will replace SmartThings?

If you are in the market for a new SmartThings Hub, Samsung has struck a deal with, where the Aeotec Smart Home Hub, which works in just the same way as Samsung's hub, is reduced by 65 percent to $35. via

Does Samsung own SmartThings?

Since August 2014 SmartThings has been a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. via

Is Wink still in business 2021?

A second generation version of the Wink Hub was released in November 2016. The Wink Lookout, released on October 31, 2017, was the last major product released by the company as of January 2021. via

Is there a problem with Wink?

Wink Status. No incidents reported today. via

Does Wink work without subscription?

If you don't subscribe you will only have access to local control from the Wink app for switches, lights, and locks that are already connected directly to your hub. You will not be able to control your devices when you are not on your local WiFi network, use Alexa or Google Home or any API devices. via

What can Alexa do with SmartThings?

SmartThings works with certified Alexa devices and can be used to control light bulbs, on/off switches, dimmer switches, thermostats, locks, and Scenes configured with SmartThings. Alexa can also check the status of motion and contact sensors. via

Should I delete SmartThings app?

The app will keep getting updates and might use up space and battery. However, getting the Samsung SmartThings app deleted from an Android phone can be tricky, especially if it has been pre-loaded into the phone. If the app has been preinstalled on the phone, it can't be uninstalled. However, it can be disabled. via

What can a SmartThings Hub do?

SmartThings lets you easily control, monitor, and secure your home from anywhere in the world. The heart of your smart home, the Samsung SmartThings Hub will connect all of your different smart locks, lights, outlets, thermostats, and more and let you control them from the free SmartThings app. via

Can SmartThings be hacked?

Samsung SmartThings Bugs: In July of 2018, Cisco security experts revealed that they'd discovered over 20 vulnerabilities in the Samsung SmartThings Hub. These bugs could allow hackers to unlock smart locks, view smart cameras, disable motion detectors, and control home thermostats. via

Do I need a SmartThings hub if I have a Samsung TV?

Samsung just announced that its entire lineup of smart TVs will be SmartThings-ready in 2016. In other words, every Samsung SUHD TV will be able to control SmartThings-compatible devices like lights, locks, and cameras without the need for a separate $99 SmartThings hub on the home network. via

Do you have to pay for Samsung SmartThings?

Samsung SmartThings pricing

The SmartThings hub is pretty affordable, but other devices can add up. The SmartThings hub itself is pretty affordable. Last we checked, it cost $69.99. via

Does SmartThings require Internet?

Without internet, SmartThings can only run some preconfigured automations locally. According to SmartThings Support,1 it can run some scenes, known as SmartApps. Locally-run SmartApps are stored on your SmartThings hub your hub will still run them without internet. via

Does Hubitat work with SmartThings?

Does Hubitat work with SmartThings? The devices in SmartThings can report to Hubitat through a couple of apps. These apps are an inbuilt app called Hub Link in Hubitat and an installable app called Send Hub Events within SmartThings. via

Does Hubitat have WiFi?

The Hubitat doesn't have a WiFi connection to your phone. For your phone or computer to access your Hubitat, the latter must have LAN access. It does not have to be internet connected. via

What can I do with Hubitat?

To do anything within Hubitat, you must first add an app for the device or service you wish to use it with, which you'll select from this massive list. In addition to that, Hubitat can connect to other devices that do rely on the web, including Nest, Alexa, Rachio, and Life360. Hubitat supports the IFTTT service, too. via

Does SmartThings work with Bluetooth?

Devices that use Bluetooth, such as headphones or speakers, can connect seamlessly with the SmartThings app on your phone. Even if you leave SmartThings, your paired Bluetooth devices will still be connected to your phone. via

Do I need a hub for SmartThings?

As a smart home company, the SmartThings hardware revolves around a collection of plugs, hubs and sensors. To use the plugs or sensors you will need a SmartThings Hub to connect these devices up. via

Do SmartThings automations run locally?

Using SmartThings, you can create automations to make your daily life a little bit easier. Learn which Automations can run locally on the Connect Home Hub. Only certain automations process locally - these currently include: Leaks/Close Valve (Smart Home Monitor) via

What is SmartThings Samsung?

SmartThings is one of the largest open ecosystems of connected devices with over 150. million users worldwide. The award winning app is available on both Android and iOS, and is compatible with the leading voice assistants, giving you more control over your. smart devices in one place. via

What language does SmartThings use?

SmartThings uses the Groovy programming language. If you've programmed before, you can learn Groovy. via

Why is SmartThings not working?

Delete and add the device again on the SmartThings app.

Visit SmartThings support to learn how to delete and add a device again on the app. If there's an issue adding the device again, reset the device. via

What year did Samsung start out in?

Samsung was founded as a grocery trading store on March 1, 1938, by Lee Byung-Chull. via

Can SmartThings control WIFI devices?

You can also use SmartThings to control Wi-Fi gear. SmartThings also supports Bluetooth devices now, but only on the Android version of the SmartThings app, not iOS (a fact that is barely documented). via

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