Does Basil Die In OMORI?

BASIL will always die in the Neutral endings. Though it does not affect the endings, if SUNNY goes back to sleep in BASIL's house, he will awaken once more to find his friends and POLLY in the hallway, distraught over BASIL's suicide. via

What happens to Basil in OMORI?

Basil committing suicide during a Neutral Ending. via

How does basil kill himself?

He decides it is better to destroy the last evidence of his sin—the painting of his soul—than face up to his own depravity. The depravity he seeks to destroy is, in essence, himself; therefore, by killing it, he kills himself. via

Why did Mari kill herself OMORI?

Because MARI would spend a lot of time practicing piano, SUNNY picked up violin in an effort to spend more time with her. They practiced together often for the upcoming recital, though it is implied that her perfectionism pushed SUNNY too hard, ultimately resulting in her untimely death. via

Are basil and sunny in love?

Despite this, Basil shows some affection for Sunny, pleading with him not to leave on many occasions. He defends Sunny to the point of blaming his conduct against Mari on "something behind him" he refuses to believe Sunny might have done such a thing. via

Is Kel a girl OMORI?

APPEARANCE. The HEADSPACE version of KEL appears as a young boy wearing a colorful tank top covered in multicolored squares. Like the others in the party, he does not wear socks or shoes and his hair and eyes are purple like AUBREY and HERO. Like his brother HERO, KEL has brown hair and dark skin. via

Why did Basil stab sunny?

BASIL reveals that it was SUNNY who blacked out the photos in his album. After claiming that SUNNY is being controlled by "SOMETHING behind him" because SUNNY would never leave him, BASIL promises to save SUNNY from SOMETHING and attacks him. via

How do I beat Basil OMORI?

Play the violin and enjoy the ensuing cut scene. You will go to the white space to confront Omori. Fight him until he makes you afraid. At this point you can either let him kill you or keep trying to beat him until he kills you. via

Why does OMORI stab himself?

OMORI appears in WHITE SPACE as normal, but there is no door to HEADSPACE and the light bulb is still missing. All OMORI can do is STAB himself to wake SUNNY up. SUNNY silently meets his MOM in her car while SOMETHING follows him, leaving his distraught friends behind with no answers. via

What is Basil Hallward's occupation?

all art is quite useless. what is basil hallwards occupation? painter. You just studied 38 terms! via

Where can I find Basil Omori?

Wondering where BASIL could be, they make their way back to the ladder leading back to the VAST FOREST. The red footsteps continue on the way to the ladder. A BASIL shaped shadow will be standing to the left of the ladder and will go into the CATTAIL FIELD when approached. OMORI thinking about MARI. via

Why did Dorian Gray stab the portrait?

Dorian attempts to destroy the portrait, the image of his disgustingly corrupted soul, which haunts him like a conscience. He slashes at it with a knife (appropriately the very same knife with which he murdered his ex-friend, Basil Hallward), hoping to do away with the evidence of his crimes. via

What flower is Mari Omori?

The name of the "White egret orchid", the flower associated with Mari throughout the game, is "Pecteilis radiata", it does not symbolize "my thoughts will follow you into your dreams" like in game. via

What happens if you kill MEWO Omori?

If MEWO is killed, she will not appear again in WHITE SPACE if it is reentered, even if HEADSPACE has been reset in the OMORI ROUTE. The PUNISHMENT AREA is the only room in BLACK SPACE where the menu can be opened. It is also one of the many BLACK SPACE rooms where STRANGER doesn't appear. via

Did they forgive sunny Omori?

Though her death and the circumstances surrounding it continued to haunt SUNNY, she is shown to be forgiving in the DREAM WORLD and beyond, hoping SUNNY can forgive himself and find happiness. Throughout the game, MARI's apparition often appears before both OMORI and SUNNY, offering words of consolation and comfort. via

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