Does Harmoni Pendant Really Work?

The study proved that wearing a Harmoni Pendant: Significantly increased energy reserves and mitochondrial power by 520% Increased total energy even greater than the baseline (before EMF stressor) Lowered biological age by 80%, or 2 years. Improved sleep rhythms by 148% via

What is a Harmoni pendant made of?

The stainless steel Harmoni Pendant works like a personal EMF protection device that also restores balance and harmony to the body. Stainless steel is surgical grade, hypoallergenic and nickel free. via

What does the Harmoni pendant do?

One of the most popular pendants is the Harmoni EMF pendant. In addition to neutralizing EMF fields, this pendant also helps restore balance and harmony in the body. It's helped people with pain management, better sleep, improved mental and physical health, and reduced stress. via

Are EMF pendants legit?

This is a tough answer because there are so many different emf protection jewelry products on the market, using completely different technologies and concepts to protect against EMF radiation. So the short answer would be Yes, they absolutely can work, but there are many fake products on the market. via

Can you wear your Harmoni pendant in the shower?

Personally, I would take off the metal necklace off in the shower (if I wore it) to keep it from tarnishing. In fact, they recommend that you run water over your orgone generator if you want to cleanse it energetically. I never had a problem with an orgone generator getting damaged by water. via

Do EMF bracelets work?

Do EMF bracelets work? Some EMF bracelets may be capable of off-setting a small amount of EMF radiation exposure. Unfortunately, unlike many other products on the market, EMF protection bracelets cannot be tested by conventional means, so there is not a good way to know their legitimacy. via

What is an EMF necklace?

EMF Protection Pendant Necklace. The EMF Harmonizer Pendant Necklace supports your health and well-being as you are exposed to the pervasive electromagnetic radiation in today's world. The Harmonizer Pendant EMF shield necklace will support your body against the negative health effects of all these EMF's. via

What is EMF protection jewelry?

Personal electromagnetic field (EMF) protection in the form of EMF pendants or necklaces is probably the best and most popular safeguard against the wired and wireless sources of ionizing radiation. The theory was that only ionizing radiation is strong enough to break chemical bonds and damage DNA. via

What are harmony balls?

A Harmony Ball is beautiful chime pendant worn by an expectant mother throughout her pregnancy. It emits a soft bell sound as it bounces against her bump during daily movement. via

How do you protect from EMF?

  • Don't sit or linger near appliances.
  • Put your phone down.
  • Use the speaker function or earbuds with your phone.
  • Don't carry your phone in a pocket.
  • Unplug occasionally from electronic devices and electricity.
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    How can I protect myself from EMF?

  • Limit sun exposure.
  • Reduce cell phone use.
  • Ditto for computers.
  • Ground every day.
  • Make your bedroom a sanctuary.
  • Remove your wireless smart meter.
  • Spend time outdoors.
  • Eat antioxidant-rich foods.
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    How can you protect your family from EMF?

  • Turn off and remove all cell phones from your bedroom.
  • Do not plug in anything near your bed.
  • Turn off your wifi, forever.
  • Check your house for smart meters.
  • Know that new appliances often have chips in them to send data wirelessly to smart meters.
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