How Do I Access Commerci?

  • Go to a town with quick-access to party play maps (ex. Henesys)
  • Open that quick-access menu.
  • Click on Commerci Republic.
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    How do I get to Commerci fast? (video)

    How do I get Sweetwater armor?

    Sweetwater weapons and armor (hat, overall, gloves, shoes, and cape) drop from the bosses in Commerci Voyages (solo and party) at a low rate. via

    How do you unlock Commerci Maplestory? (video)

    How do you unlock Gollux?

    The only requirements for Gollux is to be level 180 in order to travel to the Gollux map/area. The Gollux storyline has now been incorporated into the Phantom Forest questline. If you want to play the actual game and learn more about Gollux, it might be worth completing the Phantom Forest prequests first. via

    What is CPQ Maplestory?

    CPQ refers to Commerci PQ these days. RIP monster carnival. 7. xcxo03. via

    Where can I fight Grosso polpo?

    Rien Harbor and Lith Harbor. via

    How do you transpose in Maplestory? (video)

    Is Papulatus mark affected by drop rate?

    DR gear doesnt affect the chance of the pap mark dropping but it affects the chance of other items dropping like additional shards when you're doing cra or pnou. via

    Is Von Leon set good?

    The Von Leon set is the best mid-game set one can easily obtain on their own, that is, without the help of other, significantly stronger, characters assisting you. via

    What is drop gear Maplestory?

    Drop gear is very important in Maplestory. In AriesMS, drop rate has a max cap of 600%, with everyone starting at 100%. By reaching 600%, items are 6x as likely to drop. This is vital in cutting down time for quests like the VJ pre-quests, and for farming things like MP effectively. via

    How do I start Commerci?

    To start the prequests, find the Lightbulb quest that becomes available at level 140: (Lv. 140) [Commerci Republic] Neinheart's Call. You'll be instantly teleported to Ereve and where you need to talk to Neinheart again and you'll be teleported to Lith Harbor to talk to Parbell. via

    Can you solo Commerci party quest?

    Commerci Voyage - The Voyage

    A solo voyage requires the player to not deplete their death count, and complete the voyage in the required time (i.e. the voyage duration). Killing the monsters is entirely optional but it is most rewarding if you do, and as quickly as possible. via

    How do you unlock pink bean boss?

  • Pink Bean Prequest is easy and straightforward that consists of visiting each map and defeating 200 mobs.
  • Normal Pink Bean can be solo cleared when you're around 180-200 (4-5k main stat).
  • Chaos Pink Bean can be solo cleared when you're around 200-210 (9-10k stat +).
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    How many times can you enter Gollux?

    You can enter up to 6 times a day, however only 1 clear a day. Since you get 3 keys a day you can enter, kill the left and right shoulder as well as the abdomen and then leave to get more coins. via

    What range do you need for normal Gollux?

    A good range to be able to clear hard gollux is 2 mil and up. An IED of 85%+ is also necessary. The most important thing when it comes to bossing is really the mechanics. With good mechanics you won't need as much stat and range to clear the boss. via

    Does drop rate affect Gollux?

    Gollux Penny/Gollux coin item still doesnt affect drop rate in reward stage after revamp. via

    How do I get to Monster Carnival Maplestory?

    You need to be between Level 30 - 50 to do the party quest

    Talk to the NPC Spiegelmann in either Kerning City, Orbis, or Ludibrium to enter Monster Carnival. Monster Carnival is unlike other PQs, in that this is a competitive party quest pitting your party against another party. via

    Where can I buy Sweetwater set?

    Part of the set (accessories) you can get through the shop at the voyages building. The rest you get from rare drops of boss monsters in voyages, either in solo or in CPQ. Weapons are common, the rest is rare. Also, if you just want strong gear you should definitely get the monocle and tattoo. via

    Do flames transfer MapleStory?

    Nexon has released details on the Additional Option Transfer Scroll and how it will be distributed. This item allows you to transfer one item's additional options (flames) to another of the same item, but only people who meet specific criteria will receive them. Hello. This is MapleStory. via

    Where can I find Katara?

    Available from: Buy this item from Lumi (10,000 mesos), General Mau (10,000 mesos). This item can be obtained from Dual Blade: Time for the Awakening (Level 20 and above) quest. via

    How do I get a Meister ring?

    The Meister Ring becomes available for crafting once you reach Meister Accessory Craftsman level. This item is one of the best-in-slot items, and can be crafted multiple times. via

    Is PAP Mark instanced?

    Nope, free for all like any other boss accessory drop. The killer should be the one with the most drop% equipped. The item is a myth T.T Good luck getting one. via

    How do you fight Papulatus? (video)

    Is Lotus or Damien easier?

    Damien is the easier of the two bosses in terms of mechanics and you get a healthy 10 lives to defeat him. As with Lotus, a part of up to 6 players can enter every 30 minutes and the boss can be killed once per week. Overall a very straight forward boss fight compared to Lotus. via

    Is Von Leon gear better than Pensalir?

    Pensalir sets earlier today, and after much labor and work, I have actually discovered, that via Set bonus, Von Leon gives you more ATT, more of your two main stats, more HP/MP, more defense, and even more speed and jump! via

    Does Kanna have a sub weapon?

    Kanna has a unique secondary in that her secondary is another fan, equipped by Haku. Unfortunately most of the common potentials that other job classes would seek to have on their secondary - like IED or Boss Damage - don't get applied on this second fan. via

    Are Gollux equips instanced?

    Gollux Coins have returned to instanced drops! via

    What is Max Meso drop rate?

    There is a limit to how much Mesos Obtained % you can get from items. It is 100%. It is possible to get more than 1 line of Mesos Obtained on an item, just make sure you don't go over 100% when you add up potentials from all your items. via

    Can Belt Get drop rate?

    Belts don't get item drop. You can test meso drop if you find a mob that gives a fixed amount of meso (no variation in mesos given). via

    Do familiars stack Maplestory?

    A: Yes, you can summon the same Familiar up to 3 times and the Potentials will stack, unless the Potential bonuses reach their stack restrictions. via

    How do I start Magnus Prequest?

    To start the prequests, accept the quest (Lv. 90) To Pantheon - Beldar, which should pop-up above your head when you hit level 90 automatically. Most likely you've already completed this quest and so head to Pantheon (Grandis -> Pantheon) and speak to Beldar. via

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