How Do You Beat The Tower Of Gods Boss?

Boss: Gohdan Just lock on to one hand and shoot an arrow when you have a clear shot at the eye in its palm. Repeat until the eye shatters, then move on to the next hand. When they're down, the head's eyes will glow red. via

Where do I go after Tower of gods?

After completing the Tower of the Gods, Link can ring the bell at the very top of the tower. This triggers a cut-scene that sends Link, along with the King of Red Lions, below the sea, down to Hyrule Castle. Once you regain control of Link, head inside of the Castle. via

How do you move the statue in Wind Waker?

Stand in front of the statue and hit R to call it. Use the Wind Waker (left, center, right, center), and you're in control of the idol. Move through the barrier and onto the light switch to turn the barrier off. Now hit start or R to control Link again. via

How do you kill the statues in Zelda?

The Legend of Zelda

They take three hits from the Wooden Sword, two hits from the White Sword, or one hit from the Magical Sword to be defeated. One bomb will also destroy them, and they are also affected by arrows, Candle, and Magical Rod. Link can often find secrets such as stairs and items beneath these statues. via

How do I get out of Hyrule Castle Wind Waker?

After the cutscene you need to walk up to the Master Sword and pull it out. This will cause the Hyrule Castle to regain "light" and unfreeze the creatures in the previous room. Return to the previous room and defeat all of the enemies in order to remove the barriers blocking the exit of the castle. via

How do you beat the Earth Temple boss in Wind Waker?

Run up to the Poes and slash at them with your sword. The big Poe will sometimes try to blow you into the wall of spikes himself and he'll soon also turn up the heat with several different fire attacks. Luckily, you can simply outrun each of them. When the Poe is low on energy he will also try to fall on you. via

Where is the Master Sword Wind Waker?

In The Wind Waker, Link finds the Master Sword underneath the Great Sea within Hyrule Castle in the drowned land of Hyrule. After his first face-to-face encounter with Ganondorf, he is told that the Master Sword has lost its power. via

How do you get past the barrier in Wind Waker? (video)

How do you open the fan in the Wind Temple?

Return to Link and Hookshot up, then grab Makar and head through the door. Place Makar on one of the switches here and have Link stand on the other one. This will open the bottom section of fan, allowing us into the lowest section of the room. via

Where is the Wind Temple sage?

Follow the music notes and use your grappling hook to swing into the right waterfall. Inside, meet up with Makar and talk to him. Target Makar and conduct the Wind God's Aria (up, up, down, right left, right). Makar will turn out to be the sage of the Wind Temple and he will join you on your quest. via

How do you get to the boss in the Wind Temple?

Stand in front of the stone seal and conduct the Wind God's Aria. Makar will play on his fiddle and the path will open. Blow open the warp cauldron. Collect power-ups from the pots (including fairies), unlock the door with the Big Key, and get ready to face the boss. via

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