How Do You Open The Mirror Door In Control?

You can slide a door up or down by pressing the button next to it. On the left side, starting with the door closest to the room's entrance: down, down, up. via

How do you solve a mirror control?

Locate the Mirror in Synchronicity in Control

The entrance to the Synchronicity Lab can be found in the north-west corner of the room from the Ritual Division Control Point. Head into the lab and go down the staircase in the right-hand side of the room. Its helpfully labelled Mirror Testing. via

How do you unlock self reflection in control?

In the security, sector follow the signs and head through the door leading to the Prime Candidate Program. Head through the metal detectors and turn around so that you're facing the cage. Turn to the right, there's a case file which unlocks a side mission called Self-Reflection. via

Where is the mirror room in control?

Control Mirror Puzzle | Where to find the mirror

The mirror is in the Research Sector in the Synchronicity Lab on the west side of the map. It's a room on the bottom left near the Ritual Division. via

How do you beat Jesse Control?

The best thing to do is to float into the air and just go mad with telekinesis. Just try to hurt him as much as possible as quickly as you can and you should be able to take him down before he kills you, which he inevitably will if you go on the defensive. via

What is Essej saying?

One of her first backwards lines is, "Testing testing". Her reflection's one line when inside the glass is, "I'm Wilder than you." via

How do I get into the mirror containment cell? (video)

How do I get Essej costume?

After completing the trippy mission, and facing off against the difficult boss, Essej, the player will find the glass previously guarding the Asynchronous Suit to be shattered. The costume can now be taken with no further hassle, allowing Jesse to dress up as her Hiss-corrupted mirror counterpart. via

How do I get asynchronous outfit control?

Asynchronous: Complete the Mirror quest in the Synchronicity Lab / Mirror Studies in the Research Sector. After defeating the optional boss, look in the broken mannequin chamber to the left as you enter from the Ritual Division. via

What does reflect on yourself mean?

Self-reflection – also called introspection – is a means to observe and analyze oneself in order to grow as a person. To highlight the importance or self-reflection, you only need to consider the alternative. via

How do you clean a mirror? (video)

How do you beat the mold boss in Control?

Mold-1 will attack you by spitting out poison bullets and throwing one of its arms out at you. You can avoid these attacks by levitating around the room or hiding behind one of the large blocks. The best way to attack Mold-1 is to alternate between using your Launch powers and then hitting it with your Service Weapon. via

How do you beat Tomassi Control?

The trick to this fight is to take cover and to always be moving. Head directly to the lower hang of the second floor and use this for cover as Tomassi throws projectiles at you. Once you hear that second projectile hit, run out and get some shots in, then take cover again. via

How many missions are in Control?

There are 18 side missions for you to complete throughout the main campaign of Control. These include the What the Mess series, which sees you helping out Ahti the janitor, and a number of missions that will unlock new abilities for Jessie, such as A Captive Audience that will teach her the Seize ability. via

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