How Many Active Players Are On MTG Arena?

In July 2019, Joe Deaux, for Bloomberg, reported that "nearly 3 million active users will be playing Arena by the end of this year, KeyBanc estimates, and that could swell to nearly 11 million by 2021 according to its bull case scenario—especially if it expands from PCs to mobile. via

Is it hard to get mythic in MTG Arena?

You don't want to play angry or frustrated as the tactical side of the MTG will be gone, and you'll be relying only on luck. Reaching Mythic is difficult, but the rewards are worth it. Ranked MTG Arena can be relentless, with long grinding sessions that can leave you in exactly the same place you started. via

Can you get mythic in arena?

Reaching the Mythic rank on Arena takes time. Of course, the better you win rate is, the less time you need. However, even if you're a pretty good player, reaching Mythic can still take quite a while. So you should probably have at least 45* hours per month dedicated to playing Ranked, if you want to reach Mythic. via

Is MTGO Dead 2021?

Magic Esports may very well be dead as of 2021. So yes, there will still be money in MTG esports going into 2021 and 2022, but not what it used to be. via

Is Magic The Gathering dying?

But nobody can deny that 2019 was a changing point in the landscape of the Magic scene, and ever since War of the Spark everything feels different. Magic is not dying, but thousands of it's most enfranchised players are losing their love for the game and the future for Magic is bleaker than it has ever been. via

Can mythic drop back to legend?

Upon initial entry, Mythical rank players now have to play 10 placement matches to determine their starting points. Losing a match at 0 points will drop the player back to Legend I, while gaining 600 points, players will be granted the Glorious Mythic title. via

How many players are in mythic rank?

Mythic from what I understand starts somewhere around the top 7% of players, and there has to be way more than 100,000 players total who have some rank. Even at the small estimate of 100,000 players, that means at least 7,000 in mythic. via

Can you lose mythic rank?

The reason that I don't think it is an accomplishment is that at the early levels you can't lose progress, and at the higher levels, you can't fall below your bronze/silver/gold/platinum/diamond/mythic rank. via

Can you drop from mythic to Diamond MTG Arena?

You can't go down from mythic to diamond, or any rank for that matter. No, once you have a Tier, you don't drop down again. You can drop Tiers, just not ranks. Though there is a little bit of protection when you first hit a new tier. via

Can you drop out of diamond MTG Arena?

Can you drop from Diamond to Platinum MTG Arena? No. You can't drop down from a rank, only from tiers within a rank. via

What does percentage mean in mythic arena?

The lower parts of the Mythic rank are the Mythic Percentages where you receive a Percentage number to tell you how close you are to the top Mythic ranks. For example, if you see 95% it means you are 5% away from reaching the Mythic leaderboard. via

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