How Much Do Wavestorms Cost At Costco?

The Wavestorm (a light, foam surfboard you can buy at Costco for about $150) has something of a cult following amongst surfers out there — but they don't really want to name themselves in their community. Wavestorms are for the outcasts of surfing. They're for the “kooks,” reported The New York Times. via

Are Wavestorms good for beginners?

They are more affordable than most surfboards in the market. Beginners will learn in half the amount of time they would with a fiberglass surfboard since Wavestorm's are specifically designed for them. They are safe for newbies because of the foam that is soft – reducing the risk of injury if the board hits the rider. via

Are there Wavestorms at Costco?

Costco stocks other board besides Wavestorms. But since they are the most prominent, popular and widely used, especially by beginners, it's important to understand why Wavestorms in particular are not ideal for learning on. The top reasons being: They are thinner. via

Can I return a Wavestorm to Costco?

Yes, Costco. A big reason some of the best rippers are buying the Wavestorm has to do with Costco's return policy. You break the board, you can return it for a new one. via

What is a kook?

Kook, noun. Pronunciation: kük : An individual with no understanding of the social and sartorial norms of surfing. In the water, a kook's cluelessness can aggravate or endanger other surfers; on occasion, kooks can even be recognized solely by the faux pas they commit out of the ocean. via

Are Wavestorms any good?

Overall Review

Overall, the Wavestorm is a perfect board for someone who is beginning to surf. Even if you are not learning to surf, they are a good board to have in your quiver best they are just plain fun and if you ever wanted to teach someone how to surf, you have the right board for them. via

Are soft top surfboards good?

As far as pros and cons, soft surfboards are generally much safer for the beginner surfer. With rounded, soft rails and more forgiving fins, it's harder for somebody that's just learning to surf to hurt themselves if they're riding a soft board. The boards are also extremely durable. via

Can a Wavestorm get waterlogged?

As is true for any surfboard, the most important thing you can do for your Wavestorm is keep water out of the inner core. Once water has been soaked up into the center the board will become waterlogged, heavy, and unstable. via

Where do you stand on Wavestorm?

It seems counter intuitive at first to stand up as the tip of your board is going under, but popping up will (should) put your weight near your tail and keep your nose out of the water. Try hopping up as soon as you feel the tail of your board lifting with the wave. If you have enough speed you'll catch it. via

What size surfboard should I get beginner?

A good rule of thumb is to opt for a 7'0" beginner's board if you weigh under 70 kilograms, a 7'6" if you weigh 70-90kg, and an 8'0" if you weigh over 90kg, says Harry Mann. The volume of foam in the board is measured in litres. When you're starting out, the more foam the better. via

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