How Much Does Fire Peashooter Cost?

She costs 100 gems. via

How much damage does a max level Peashooter do?

Once he reaches max level, the Peashooter can kill a Basic Zombie with two shots, and once in level 20 (max level for common plants) only costs 25 sun and gains lime-colored glowing peas trailing magical essence, with an approximate of 110 damage per shot. via

Does Torchwood work with fire peashooter?

He has no effect on Fire Peashooter's pea by default; however, if a Torchwood receives a Plant Food boost, he can relight the fire peas and turn them into plasma peas. via

What gender is the Chomper?

One interesting note is that Chompzilla is female, while in previous games, Chomper has been consistently male. This is important to note as Chompzilla would serve as one of the primary factors to Chomper being referred to as female in more recent installments of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. via

Is fire peashooter a female?

Fire Peashooter has the most variants of their name and design of any Plant. Other Plants either simply had a redesign or name change. Fire Pea's appearance in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and its sequel are the only games of the franchise that depict Fire Pea as male. via

How do you get primal peashooter?

Primal Peashooter is the first plant obtained in Jurassic Marsh in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He is the primal version of Peashooter. Every 2.85 - 3 seconds, he shoots a rock-like pea that immobilizes a zombie for 1 second and has a 50% chance to knock it back by a tile. via

What plant does the most damage in plants vs zombies?

Here are some of the highest DPS plants that do not have a long recharge:

  • Winter Melon: 80 DPS with slow.
  • Melon Pult: 80 DPS.
  • Gloom Shrooms: 80 DPS.
  • Gatling Pea: 80 DPS (with Torchwood:160 DPS and splash).
  • via

    Is sunflower from Pvz a girl?

    Fred is currently the only known male Sunflower in the series, as all others are depicted as female. via

    What is the highest level in plants vs zombies?

    The player has to spend a lot of coins to upgrade each plant, with the cost of each upgrade increasing with each level of the plant's upgrade progress. The maximum level to which each plant could be upgraded was 3, 4 or 5 for the 5.7. 1 and 5.8. 1 updates, raising to 6, 9, and 12 for the 5.9. via

    Is the shrinking violet good?

    Shrinking Violet is an excellent choice in Endless Zones due to the relatively fast recharge for her ability, her large area of effect, and her great Plant Food effect. via

    Is Electric Peashooter good?

    Electric Peashooter is a great plant against Jester Zombies since these peas can hit them without getting deflected, even though they are projectiles. He can also hit Excavator Zombies and Shield Zombies directly since the projectiles penetrate their shields (shovel and force field, respectively). via

    How do you get the Hover In Torchwood and goat?

    Both the Torchwood character and the Hover Goat 3000 character are "imprisoned" by the Gnomes in the Gnomiverse. You can unlock both of them, however doing so is time consuming and requires you to be able to pass tests of your skill as a Player of GW2. via

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