Is BarkBox Worth The Money?

As you can see, BarkBox is full of fun toys and treats, making it an exciting package for your dog to receive. Most customers who leave BarkBox reviews state that their dogs love it and that BarkBox is totally worth buying. via

Is BarkBox good for puppy?

BarkBox toys and treats are great for dogs of all ages and sizes. You can change your plan between small, medium and large toys at any time – perfect for growing puppies. You can select ingredient preferences for the edibles too! via

Is there anything like BarkBox?

Picky pup alert: BarkBox, The Dapper Dog Box, and PupJoy all offer free toy and treat replacements if your dog doesn't like one (or more) of the things in their box! via

Are Kong boxes worth it?

I love kong box! This is the best monthly subscription box because the toys are so durable and made for rough chewers plus come with treats that can be used with the toys to entertain your pup. I highly recommend since you are getting the highest quality goods for your dog. via

Are BarkBox treats killing dogs?

Dog product subscription service BarkBox warned pet owners about a chew stick it sent out after one dog owner reported that her pet died after eating it. She added that Sugar had been kenneled during and after eating the chew and didn't have anything else unusual. via

Does Amazon own BarkBox?

Bark, the New York-based company behind the BarkBox, is making its BarkBox subscriptions available to Amazon customers in the U.S. Through Amazon's subscription box store, pet owners can now use Amazon as their preferred payment method. via

Can you cancel BarkBox after first box?

To cancel, you must login and cancel the subscription on the Platform applicable to such Service by the first day of the month following the end of your then-current subscription period, or contact our Happy team through the contact information on our website. via

What's better BarkBox or chewy?

You get a better selection of toys, and there is an option for heavy-chewers with the “Super Chewer” subscription. Barkbox might cost a few dollars extra each month, but we feel it's worth the money. However, if you want a subscription that focuses more on treats than toys, Chewy is the better choice. via

What happened to PupBox after shark tank?

To retain more customers, they've expanded their box line to include adult dogs. In November of 2017, PetCo acquired Pupbox, making everyone at PupBox a part of PetCo,s company. As of 2021, PupBox is still flourishing, as are the puppies and adult dogs under its care. via

Is BarkBox good for heavy chewers?

Perfect for Your Pup: Super Chewer by BarkBox has allergy-friendly options plus always-changing play styles and materials designed for YOUR dog and their preferences. This box is perfect for aggressive chewers or pups that prefer to play ruff. via

Can you skip a month of BarkBox?

If you would like to skip, please do so before the 10th of the month. We will put your billing and shipments on pause for the month. If you do not click "skip" before your bill date, it will charge you. via

Who are BarkBox competitors?

BARK competitors include Chewy, Petco and NatureBox. via

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