Is Cony Married To Brown?

Are Brown and Connie dating?

Yes it's finally happened! Brown & Cony are secretly dating! via

Is Cony line a girl?

Cony(コニー Konī)is a female rabbit who is a second main member of LINE friends. She is Brown's wife & Jessica's best friend. via

Who is the brown bear in LINE friends?

Choco(チョコ Choko) is a female bear who is a new member of LINE friends. via

Is Cony a rabbit?

The mammalian cony is a small, guinea pig-like relative to the rabbit; it is more commonly known by the name pika (q.v.). The name cony was once applied to the rabbit and is still sometimes used in the fur business to indicate rabbit fur. via

What is brown bear and Cony Bunny?

Everyone in Japan knows Brown, the laid-back bear, and Cony, the bunny whose wild enthusiasm makes Brown seem even more chilled. They make a good pair — they're dating, you see — and they also make a lot of money for their owners. They're virtual stickers inside Line, a messaging app that now dominates Japan. via

What animal is Sally Line?

Best friends

Sally(サリー Sarī)is a female chick who is the fifth main member of LINE friends. She is Brown's tag-along buddy who also see's her as the little sister he never had. via

What is a Cony person?

a person who is easily tricked; gull; dupe. via

Is Line Friends Korean or Japanese?

It was released in 2015 by Line Corporation, a Japanese subsidiary of the South Korean internet search giant Naver Corporation. These characters are used in various products, animation, game, cafe, hotel and theme park. The brand is currently managed by its subsidiary Line Friends Corporation since 2015. via

Are brown and Choco siblings?

Choco is the little sister of Brown. There's a new addition to the Line Friends family, and she's none other than Brown's little sister, Choco. Find out more about Choco at and follow her stylish updates on her Instagram account @choco. via

Who is moon in Line Friends?

Moon (ムーン Mūn) is the main character of LINE friends. He has a crush on Jessica. Though he sometimes fights with James, he is still one of his best friends. via

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