Is Glory Of The Pandaria Hero Soloable?

The meta achievement Glory of the Pandaria Raider rewards the mount Reins of the Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent. This mount is learned automatically when you complete the meta. As of Warlords of Draenor, many of the achievements for this meta are soloable. via

Are meta achievements account wide?

Most achievements will be account-wide. Some achievements stay "meta achievements." A very few achievements will be account-only. Account-only achievements will be those that can't be earned with a single character. via

Is glory of the draenor hero Soloable?

Difficult to impossible, depending on setup. via

Is glory of the Orgrimmar Raider Soloable?

Technically you can solo this achievement, but it will take you like 15 minutes of your life. via

Can you solo glory of the thundering Raider?

Every achieve here is soloable. The only caveat is that you have to have be a DoT class (or a class that has a DoT spell) to solo Soft Hands. via

Can you solo school's out forever?

It is possible to SOLO this if you use the ALT+F4 strat for scholomance's School's Out Forever achievement. Since you don't actually need everybody to be online in order to complete it. You can login->alt+F4 each character in one party until 5 doors are opened to get all 50 mobs. via

Are Glory of the Raider achievements account wide?

As a general rule, individual achievements are not shared, but meta achieves are. So, the Glory of the Icecrown Raider 10/25 is shared, and every character can use the mount. But the individual pieces of that achievement are NOT shared. via

Are feats of strength Account wide?

Feats of Strength - the Ultimate Bragging Tool

Even with the advent of account-wide achievements, those who are able to link completed Feats of Strength demonstrate their commitment to the game, regardless of which specific character earned it. via

What achievements are account wide?

Account-wide achievements are achievements introduced with the Mists of pandaria expansion that can include criteria fulfilled by multiple characters on the same account and in the same region. via

How do you solo glory of Draenor heroes? (video)

What glory achievements can you solo?

  • Glory for the Cataclysm Hero (One annoying achievement to do solo, and takes time to do all the achievements.
  • Glory for the Cataclysm Raider (I don't remember it being too bad)
  • Glory of the Ulduar Raider (one achievement that's hard to do at max level)
  • via

    Can you solo Criss Cross?

    Sadly this achievement cannot be soloed. You need at least 2 players. via

    How many people do you need for glory of the Legion Raider?

    Grand Opening - Chronomatic Anomaly (need 2 players on heroic mode or 3 players on normal mode) via

    Can you solo Lightning Overload?

    Here are two methods to SOLO the Lightning Overload Achievement (as of Patch 7.1. 5). EASY MODE: This method can be completed by all classes, and is completed on your mount. via

    Where do I go after Ji Kun?

    After you kill Ji Kun, grab a feather and fly towards the south west corridor just above. There are many corridors all around, but that's the only one you can enter. No fear of dying, if for some reason you fall down, a wind lifts you back to the central platform. via

    How do you solo soft hands achievement?

  • Attack boss for 10 seconds.
  • DoT up boss as much as possible.
  • Run to lower nest by 15 seconds.
  • Kill hatchings and click on feather.
  • Fly up to the nest with the golden egg by 20 seconds.
  • Catch the egg.
  • And, if you timed your DoTs well enough... the boss dies will you are still falling.
  • Done.
  • via

    How can I get my school out forever?

    For this Trophy you'll need to play School Mode a minimum of 3 times and have already obtained the Full Report cards for each character, then just obtain 10 hearts for every character in School Mode and talk to them on the 51st day and answer a question for their ending. via

    How do you get the school's out forever achievement? (video)

    Whats this button do wow?

    What Does This Button Do? is a dungeon & raids achievement earned for using Xin the Weaponmaster's secret defense mechanism against him in Mogu'shan Palace on Heroic difficulty. via

    Can you do glory achievements on multiple characters?

    The answer to this and any other question regarding Meta-achievements (Achievements that are obtained by completing a specific group of achievements) is simple. Check the name of the achievement. If there's a blue-stripe on it, it means that achievement can be completed across multiple characters. via

    Can you complete achievements on different characters?

    Achievements are shared across your characters. However, certain achievements must be completed entirely on the same character. Achievements marked in blue instead of gold are account-wide and any character can contribute to them. via

    Why are some wow achievements blue?

    If an achievement has a blue border and you've unlocked it, then it's unlocked for every character on your account forever. So your other characters already have it now. via

    What are the feats of strength?

    The Feats of Strength are the final tradition observed in the celebration of Festivus, celebrated immediately following (or in the case of "The Strike", during) the Festivus dinner. The head of the household selects one person at the Festivus celebration and challenges them to a wrestling match. via

    How do I get feats of strength?

    A Feat of Strength or FoS is a type of achievement that can be extremely difficult, take a considerable amount of time and effort, require luck, or is acquired through an event promotion such as Blizzcon or WoW's Anniversary. via

    Are garrisons account wide?

    As this achievement is account-wide, starting Garrisons with Work Orders on alts can speed the process up. via

    Are PvP achievements account wide?

    Blizzard has clarified that PvP Gladiator titles are character specific, not account wide. Gladiator mounts, going into Shadowlands, will become account wide. via

    Is breaching the tomb account wide?

    Breaching the Tomb must be obtained on each class to be eligible for that class' mount. it is NOT account wide credit for the class mount questline and each class must be done individually. via

    Are achievements shared between characters?

    Achievements are shared between characters on the account, meaning that you can (and sometimes must) use multiple characters to finish certain achievements or achievement categories. via

    Can you solo Poor Unfortunate Souls?

    Confirmed as of this patch that this achievement is not solo-able. via

    Do defiled reins fly?

    It is now able to FLY! via

    Can you solo I got what you Mead?

    Since nobody has any information on this yet, you cannot solo/2-man this. The mead debuff has to tag all 4 at the same time- no running back and forth. You cannot 3-man this either, since going into combat removes the mugs. via

    Can you solo spoils of Pandaria?

    Solo, this is a DPS fight against time. At this level, DPS is max and damage is minimal, if any, but timing is important to get to all four quadrants. Two quadrants finished will reset timer and open other two quadrants. AOE or burst damage is very useful against multiple of mobs. via

    How do I skip Siege of Orgrimmar?

    The Garrosh / Thrall RP is quite long, but there's a way to skip it. Pull the trash in the last hallway before Garrosh and kite it to him. When the trash reaches Garrosh, he will despawn. Garrosh will respawn shortly after and he'll be attackable right away without the RP. via

    How do you complete the spoils of Pandaria?

    To get to the Spoils of Pandaria, go to the ship "Breath of Pa'ku", which moors on the "Isle of Fangs". Then go in to the right and immediately below deck. Go to the other side of the prison and down the stairs there. Then go to the other side and you'll find the Spoils of Pandaria on the right next to the counter. via

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