Is Olight A Chinese Company?

Olight is a brand of flashlight founded in 2007 by Fox Fan. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, and has operations in Georgia, USA. The brand specializes in flashlights, including LED flashlights, survival lights, and tactical flashlights. via

Does olight make good flashlights?

I think they are definitely worth it. I have an Olight S1R Baton, and I've really enjoyed it. I've used a couple Streamlights, and Armytek lights, and the Olight is probably my favorite EDC light. It's bright, has an easy UI, and the USB dock charging is a real plus. via

What is wrong with olight?

The Lumens

My biggest problem with Olight Wmls is that their lumen counts are almost false advertising. Olight will put out some impressive claims regarding their lumen counts… without failing to mention that these lumen counts are only temporary. via

Is olight a reputable company?

Olight Store has a consumer rating of 2.42 stars from 3 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. via

Is Fenix better than olight?

Better comparison would be the fenix pd35 style (pd36 will bring it closer to the lumens on the olight) vs that olight. But its just personal preference both are great lights. I also recommend Fenix, which is compact and of high quality. via

Are Maglites made in the USA?

Anthony Maglica (right), the founder of Mag Instrument, visits the factory floor in Ontario, Calif., nearly every morning. He is dedicated to manufacturing the company's flashlights in the U.S. And they're made in Ontario, Calif., by Mag Instrument Inc. via

Is olight better than Streamlight?

Olight Lumens output seems to be overstated. Overall Olight is a serviceable light for both applications but I would personally opt for Streamlight or Surefire. I have not tested any of these for claimed battery life. via

Is Streamlight or SureFire better?

It has solid powerful light when I compared it to my SureFire M300 Mini Scout. The Streamlight ProTac is rated at 350 lumens compared to the SureFire at 300 lumens. I will say that they are very close, but I'm very impressed with what I've seen from the Streamlight ProTac thus far. via

What is the brightest flashlight?

SUPER BRIGHT: The MS18 is the brightest powerful flashlight in the World. With a solid build and blinding brightness, MS18 rechargeable flashlight comes with 18pcs Cree XHP70 2nd high lumens LEDs, max output is up to 100,000 lumens, and the max beam distance is up to 1350 meters (Nearly 4429ft). via

How long do olight orders take to ship?

Due to COVID-19, orders will be shipped in two weeks and the RMA is in delay! We use a separate shipping company for our goods. This means that upon shipping, the risk of loss passes to this shipping company. via

Are olight flashlights any good Reddit?

The opinions here are mostly that they are expensive for what you get, but still very good build quality and good customer service. The major downside that scares people off are cool white LEDs (we prefer 5000K neutral and 3000-4000K warm vs. 6500-7500 cool white), and proprietary batteries. via

How long has olight been around?

Olight was established in 2006 as a manufacturer of high quality illumination tools. via

Is SureFire Made in USA?

All SureFire illumination products are designed, perfected, and manufactured in the U.S.A. with the finest materials and components sourced worldwide, and every SureFire product meets the criteria of the Buy American Act. via

What olight should I buy?

All are highly rated, come with a great set of features and are very popular, so you can't go wrong with any of these.

  • Best overall: Olight S1R II 1000 | $64.99.
  • Best value: OLIGHT 90 Lumens i3E | $9.95.
  • Best brightness: Olight R50 2500 Lumens | $79.95.
  • Best weight: Olight I1R EOS 130 | $19.99.
  • via

    Does olight do military discount?

    OLIGHT- Use discount code: save10 to get 10% off your entire order on their large selection of tactical, outdoor, specialty, and everyday flashlights, batteries, and accessories. ​My Medic- offers a discount code to apply during checkout when you verify your status as military, police, fire or EMS. via

    Which Fenix flashlight is best?

    Known for their fantastic customer support and high quality gear, here are our top Fenix flashlight picks.

  • Best overall: Fenix PD35 V2.
  • Best value: Fenix E15 450 Lumen | $35.99.
  • Best brightness: Fenix RC40 2016 Rechargeable | $379.95.
  • Best weight: Fenix PD25 550 Lumens | $59.95.
  • Best size: Fenix LD15R 500 Lumen | $60.21.
  • via

    Are Fenix lights reliable?

    Probably the most versatile of the Fenix flashlights are the high-intensity TK series models. They feature long run times, waterproofing and reliable craftsmanship. via

    Where are Fenix flashlights made?

    Based in Shenzhen, China, Fenix creates unique lighting products in a company-owned facility under close scrutiny from quality assurance professionals. via

    What flashlights do police use?

    Popular police flashlights include the Streamlight Stinger DS LED HL and Streamlight Strion DS HL. Both models are rechargeable and feature high brightness beams designed to light up a room but also provide ample beam range. via

    Is Nitecore a Chinese company?

    Led Lenser, Fenix, Zebralight, Nitecore, Convoy are made in China. via

    What brand of flashlight is best?

  • Best overall: Olight Marauder 2 Rechargeable Flashlight.
  • Editor's pick: ThruNite TT20 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight.
  • Best for low prices: Wuben C3 Rechargeable Flashlight.
  • Best everyday carry flashlight: Olight S2R Baton II.
  • Best keychain flashlight: Fenix E01 V2 LED Flashlight.
  • via

    Are Olights worth the money?

    After seeing the products and customer reviews, we think these flashlights are definitely worth the buy. The brand designs highly innovative illuminating technology that can be used for a variety of purposes. From the Olight 5 to the Olight Odin, there is a flashlight for every and any occasion. via

    What is Olights brightest light?

    The X9R Marauder is the largest and highest output flashlight ever produced by Olight reaching an incredible 25,000 lumens. The X9R is equipped with six High Performance LED and is powered by a rechargeable battery pack combining eight high discharge rate 18650 batteries. via

    Are Surefire lights worth it Reddit?

    Surefire lights are good-quality, but not especially better than some of the enthusiast brands and with nowhere near the performance or value. People buy Surefire for one of two reasons: Along with Maglite and Streamlight, they have a lifetime warranty. Small enthusiast manufacturers usually can't afford to do that. via

    Are arisaka mounts good?

    Arisaka makes great attachment mounts. They are my go to mount for lights and slings. This Arisaka MLOK for the Streamlight HLX rail mount is light weight, an excellent value for the money, and just thick enough to allow the light bezel to hug the handguard without touching it. via

    Do surefire Tailcaps work on Streamlight?

    The Arisaka Tailcap Adapter allows Streamlight Protac Rail Mount 1 and 2 lights to use Surefire Scout tailcaps and remote switches. via

    Will Streamlight fit surefire mounts?

    who have stated that their Scout mounts will definitely fit both Surefire Scout lights and Streamlight ProTac lights. Yes. The surefire scout mount will work with the stream light hlx. That's how I personally run mine. via

    How many lumens are police flashlights?

    As is with most of of your Police and law enforcement flashlights it is 3100 Lumens. via

    How many lumens do you need to blind an attacker?

    How Many Lumens are Needed to Blind an Attacker? For self-defense flashlights, about 300 lumens is needed to temporarily blind an attacker. Anything above 300 will do the job perhaps faster, but 300 is generally adequate to blind them enough to get away or at least put some distance between you and them. via

    Can 100 000 lumens blind you?

    You should always use the minimum amount of light necessary. 100 lumens can blind you by its reflection in a dark room with a white wall. 500 lumens will blind you with its reflection when shone in dark woods. via

    Which Streamlight flashlights are made in USA? – Some of their top tier lights like the Stinger and Strion series are assembled in the USA but most of their items are made overseas. via

    Where are Streamlight made?

    Streamlight is a company located in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, USA that manufactures flashlights powered by various rechargeable and disposable batteries. Their product line features hand-held and weapon-mountable lights as well as a right angle light used by firefighters on their turnout gear. via

    Who owns Streamlight?

    Streamlight, Inc.'s President & CEO, Ray Sharrah, currently has an approval rating of 86%. Streamlight, Inc.'s primary competitors are Alliance Sports Group, Coast Lighting & Bayco Products. via

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