Is Spec Ops: The Line Worth It?

Honestly, I don't think the game has much replay value. As good as the game is, it's pretty depressing and also unnerving, plus, the gameplay is still a generic 3rd person cover shooter. When you play it once, you're going to experience everything you can from the game. Still, I'd say it's worth it. via

Why you should play Spec Ops: The Line?

It's a “hero” fantasy at its finest, but Spec Ops: The Line helps you open your eyes to what these games have done to gamer's attitude towards war and civilian causalities. The further you progress through the game, the more hopeless your situation becomes and the more the game mocks you for still playing. via

Is Spec Ops: The Line a sequel?

In response to one Twitter user's query about why Spec Ops: The Line won't get a sequel, Walt Williams responded rather explicitly: "Because it was a brutal, painful development and everyone who worked on it would eat broken glass before making another. via

Does Spec Ops: The Line have a good story?

At IGN's Best of 2012 Awards, the game won for Best PC Story and Best PS3 Story, and also received nominations for Best Overall Story, Best PS3 Action Game, Best Xbox 360 Shooter Game, and Best Xbox 360 Story. It was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Story at the 16th D.I.C.E. Awards. via

How many copies did Spec Ops The Line sell?

So, to try and figure it out, I had a look at the sales of video game units, multipled that by the price point of the game and compared it to the estimated cost to produce the game, which I based on a VGChartz estimates of PC sales at 140,000 units, Xbox 360 at 290,000 units and PS3 at 340,000 (for an approximate total via

Is Spec Ops The Line Co op campaign?

Spec Ops: The Line was released in June and features a single-player campaign set in Dubai in the aftermath of a series of sandstorms. The co-op mode was announced shortly after launch. For more on Spec Ops, be sure to read our review, or check out our Spec Ops: The Line wiki guide if you're playing now. via

Does Spec Ops have co op?

The series is allowing players in the same room to team up cooperatively through split-screen multiplayer in the Spec Ops mode. But how do you activate split-screen multiplayer? Well, it's quite easy. The first thing you'll need to do is make sure a second controller is connected to your system. via

Is Spec Ops The Line worth playing Reddit?

It absolutely deserves to be played; go into it knowing nothing, and you'll get the most out of it. To steal a line from one of my favorite reviewers, if you don't feel it's worth your money, I can almost promise you that Spec Ops: The Line is worth your time. via

Why did Spec Ops: The Line flop?

The biggest reason why Spec Ops: The Line was financially unsuccessful was its mediocre multiplayer. 2K Games was the publisher behind Spec Ops: The Line and they didn't ask too much of the developers behind the game. via

Who is the villain in Spec Ops: The Line?

Martin Walker. Martin Walker is the playable character, main protagonist and true villain of Spec Ops: The Line. He is a member of the United States Army's Delta Force. via

Is Walker dead Spec Ops?

[Spec Ops The Line] Captain Walker died in the helicopter crash at the beginning of the game, everything after that is his own personal hell. via

What is Spec Ops: The Line based on?

It's odd, bold and really quite commendable then that the makers of third-person squad-based shoot-em-up Spec Ops: The Line (Xbox 360/PS3 /PC) have chosen to base their story both openly and heavily on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. via

What happened to Dubai Spec Ops: The Line?

In Spec Ops: The Line, a devastating sand storm hits Dubai, resulting in the city being engulfed in sand and causing a massive death toll on the population. however, considering how close they are to dubai, it is possible that ajman and sharjah also suffered from the storm. via

Can you choose not to use white phosphorus in Spec Ops?

Making games is hard, and sometimes you don't have much of an option but to railroad the player and hope they were already going to do it anyways. The real choice the player makes is in deciding to use the white phosphorus at all. It is a war crime, and it doesn't matter that you're using it against "the bad guys". via

What does Spec Ops stand for?

A military or paramilitary unit trained to carry out special operations. via

How do I play Spec Ops?

The Special Ops section of Modern Warfare can be a little hard to find. You'll need to head into the Co-Op section of the main menu, where you'll be able to select a Spec Ops mission to play through. You can play this solo or in a group, just create a room and then start the match. via

What do Spec Ops do?

Special operations may include reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, and counter-terrorism actions, and are typically conducted by small groups of highly-trained personnel, emphasizing sufficiency, stealth, speed, and tactical coordination, commonly known as "special forces". via

What is Spec Ops in MW?

Special Ops (often abbreviated as "Spec Ops") is a single-player or co-op game mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. They are a set of fast-paced missions in the spirit of "Mile High Club" from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. via

Can you play Spec Ops offline?

If you play Spec-ops offline, there's a survival mode that you can play. This mode is quite difficult because you have to survive against waves and waves of enemies. This survival mode is only available for PS4 owners though because PC and Xbox One players won't get it until as late as next year! via

Will Special Ops Season 2 come?

The announcement of the second season of the series Special Ops was made in April 2020. It is a Hotstar special series. Special Ops Season 1 was released on 17th March 2020. Special Ops Season 1 is available to watch on Disney Plus Hotstar. via

Can you save Lugo?

Save Lugo. Move up the stairs and head to the closest room. DO NOT SHOOT the guard standing there because it would lead to the death of Lugo. Approach mentioned person, watch a short cut-scene and then jump over sandbags (left SHIFT), running a-cross the guard and making him fall down over the railing. via

Is Spec Ops: The Line backwards compatible?

Spec Ops: The Line and The Darkness 2 are now backward-compatible on Xbox One. Microsoft has announced that Xbox 360 titles The Darkness 2 and Spec Ops: The Line are now backward compatible on Xbox One. via

Is Spec Ops: The Line open world?

The game was technically open-world, but every time you actually went out to the big sprawling city, it was always because you were on a mission and the mission was always urgent. via

Do you feel like a hero yet Spec Ops: The Line?

Phrases such as “Do you feel like a hero yet?” and “If you were a better person, you wouldn't be here” taunt the player for continuing to play the game. The narrative wants the player to stop playing, yet the ludic elements never force them to quit. via

Who was Captain Walker Mad Max?

Flight Captain G. L. Walker was the departed founder of The Lost Tribe, who they believed would return and grant them passage to Tomorrow-Morrow Land. via

Is Martin Walker a bad guy?

Type of Villain

Captain Martin Walker is the main protagonist villain of the 2012 videogame Spec Ops: The Line. He is a Captain in the United States Army's Delta Force, and sent to Dubai to learn of Colonel John Konrad's status and rescue survivors. via

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