Is The NZXT H510 Elite That Bad?

It's definitely hotter than the original NZXT H500, which averaged 54.5C dT in this test and benefited from the unique airflow patterns that we already detailed in our H500 review. The H510 Elite manages to be one of the worst cases we've tested for gaming thermals. via

Is NZXT H510 elite good airflow?

NZXT answers community calls for better PC case airflow. The NZXT H510 is an excellent mid-tower chassis that allows anyone to create a sleek-looking PC build with very little effort. We believe it to be one of the best PC cases you can buy, and NZXT has just created a new version for better airflow. via

Is NZXT H510 worth?

The H510 and H510i compact mid-tower ATX cases are both stunning and an excellent value. Perfect when you want a small-footprint ATX case without sacrificing features. A removable radiator mounting bracket, flush tempered glass window, multiple fan filters, and front USB 3.1 Gen 2 type-C are just some of the amenities. via

How many fans can the NZXT H510 elite hold?

Out of the box, the H510 Elite includes four fans, two of which are AER RGB 2 140mm Fans that are pre-wired to the included Smart Device V2 controller for RGB power and fan power. via

Does the NZXT H510 need extra fans?

As long as you dont block its side intake, and put a fan or 2 for it, that case is fine. That case don't really cool any better with front intakes. It has helped just a bit adding one front upper position intake fan. via

Does the h710i have good airflow?

Its premium design, with that artistic interior cable tidy bar matched well with the straight clean lines, and strong airflow options. Couple that with the front SSD display mount, to the integrated lighting, and most importantly the advent of NZXT's smart fan controller and its $200 price tag was well warranted. via

Are NZXT cases worth it?

NZXT's H-series PC cases are some of the most highly regarded out there amongst the PC building community. These sleek cases are known for their high-level build quality, ease to build in, and value. via

Are NZXT cases good for airflow?

Do NZXT cases have good airflow? Due to having a solid metal front and a glass side panel, NZXT chassis don't excel at airflow; however, they are more than sufficient for the majority of builds. via

Why is NZXT so popular?

Another big reasons that NZXT is so popular is because its cases have a lot of extras that make life easier. But NZXT is proof that engineering can really facilitate that process. Its's also super-easy to get the glass panel and reverse-side panel off without a ton of effort. via

Does H510 Elite come with fans?

Three included fans, two of them 140mm RGB ones. Included fan and RGB control module, which works with NZXT software. via

Does the NZXT H510 support 120mm fans?

The H510 comes with two 120mm 3 pin rifle bearing fans that are geared toward air flow. If you buy extra fans from NZXT, they will be 4 pin Fluid Dynamic fans and they have both air flow and static pressure versions. via

Does NZXT H510 elite have RGB fans?

This compact mid-tower is ideal for highlighting RBG-focused builds with a front tempered glass panel that showcases included Aer 2 RGB fans along with the easy-to-build-in features of the H510. Two tempered glass panels for showcasing stunning RGB builds. via

Are 2 case fans enough?

2 case fans (1 intake in front, 1 exhaust at the back) show biggest improvements to cpu and gpu thermals. Adding more fans improves temps by less than 2-3 degs each at diminishing returns. via

What is the best NZXT case?

Best NZXT PC Cases 2021

  • Best Overall: NZXT H510i.
  • Compact ITX: NZXT H210i.
  • Unique Package: NZXT H1.
  • So much space: NZXT H710i.
  • via

    Does the H710 have RGB?

    This mid-tower case is excellent for ambitious builds with plenty of space for 360mm AIOs and other premium components while bringing the easy-to-build-in features of the compact H510 case series. Iconic cable management bar and uninterrupted tempered-glass side panel showcase stunning RGB builds. via

    Whats wrong with NZXT cases?

    As the H1 Safety Recall explains, "The two screws that attach the PCIe Riser assembly to the chassis may cause an electrical short circuit in the printed circuit board that may overheat and create the possibility of a fire hazard." via

    Is NZXT made in China?

    NZXT's manufacturing birthplace is in Shenzhen, China, but the company moved to a new, high-end facility in 2000. The company now works with Godspeed Casing, a factory that NZXT is largely responsible for 'raising' from the ground-up. via

    Does NZXT make full towers?

    NZXT cares. Full-tower cases are also used for home or small business servers as you can typically install upwards of 10 or more drives in them, though there are a few unique cases that can support 20 or more. via

    Does NZXT have a stock?

    NZXT on Twitter: "we do! stock is currently very constrained and our GPUs sell quick… " via

    Does the X63 fit in the H510 elite?

    And your answer is no not a 240mm rad but u can fit a 280mm rad in the front. A NZTX Kraken X63 will fit with the RGB fans that come with the case. via

    Can NZXT H510 fit 280mm?

    Yes, I have the nzxt 510 case with the corsair h115i 2x140mm. It will fit but only with the fans working as intakes, not exhaust. via

    What happened to NZXT H400?

    It's been discontinued. There also was no revision like the H210 or H510. Yes pretty gutted myself, i should have bought one last year, planning a new build and i wanted the H400 in white. via

    Does NZXT H510 come with standoffs?

    Looking at where the motherboard would sit, you can see the NZXT H510 Elite already comes with the standoffs installed for an ATX motherboard. This opening is situated in the middle of the top panel, which may cause some compatibility issues with your motherboard, so your mileage will vary. via

    How do I add more RGB fans to H510 elite?

    There are 2 FAN-Channel cables going from the Smart Device unit to the included top and rear fans. Just replace these connectors with your new fan cables for power connection. There are 2 LED channels on the Smart Device v2 and you can connect 5 RGB fans on a single channel using the IN and OUT ports on the fans. via

    How many Nzxt RGB Fans Can you daisy chain?

    Daisy-chaining LED strips to other RGB fans:

    AER RGB Fans: 8 LEDs per fan. 300mm RGB LED Strip: 10 LEDs per strip. 250mm RGB LED Strip: 8 LEDs per strip. 200mm RGB LED Strip: 6 LEDs per strip. via

    What's the difference between H510 and h510i?

    The biggest difference between these two cases is that the "i" series will have an included smart device v2 with two LED strips and will also have the rear vertical GPU mounting slots. 6 of 6 found this helpful. Do you? The 510i specifically has the extra module for controlling the lights and fans via their software. via

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