Is Yostar A Japanese Company?

Founded in 2014, Yostar Games is the top publisher, developer, and investor of games in China. Yostar specializes in development, global publishing, investment, and IP management of online games. The company is situated in Shanghai and Tokyo. In 2017, Yostar successfully released the mobile game Azur Lane in Japan. via

Is Azur Lane popular in Japan?

First launched in China in May and in Japan in September 2017, Azur Lane quickly became popular, especially in Japan where the player count reached five million within four months after its release. Players have voted the game among the top five on Google Play's Best Game of 2017 list for the region. via

How do I email Yostar?

Please send an email to [email protected] if yo have any questions or need any help. Our customer service staff will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible from 7:00 P.M. to 3:30 a.M. (UTC-7) from Sunday to Friday. via

How do you unbind Yostar?

Please contact us at [email protected] if you wish to permanently delete your account from our systems. Please be aware that we will not be able to delete any content you have shared with others or with social media sites. via

Who is the CEO of Yostar?

This is how we support the management of Yostar Pictures. Yostar Picture's representative director is Yostar's CEO Hengda Li. Yostar Pictures is an animation company with planning, production and creation of animation as main business. via

Is Azur lane Japanese?

Azur Lane (碧蓝航线) is a Chinese mobile game developed by Manjuu and Yongshi, published by bilibili for both iOS and Android. Japanese servers (アズールレーン) opened up on September 14th, 2017 for both iOS and Android. via

Why Azur lane is better than KanColle?

Much of the tedious micromanagement in Kancolle is also streamlined in Azur Lane. Overall, Azur Lane can be enjoyed without incurring a lot of stress. Some players even commented that the gacha rate is more generous than most other mobile games as the rate for the highest rarity is set at 7%. via

Is Azur Lane grindy?

Azur Lane is a bit more casual than Girls Frontline and gameplay is a bit different whereby it's a “bullet hell” of sorts. A downside would be the PR ships, which are super grindy and would take a casual player months to get just one ship. via

How old is Prinz Eugen?

The ship was laid down in April 1936, launched in August 1938, and entered service after the outbreak of war, in August 1940. She was named after Prince Eugene of Savoy, an 18th-century general in the service of Austria. via

What company owns Yostar?

Yostar Games is situated in Tokyo and Shanghai. We are the top publisher, developer and investor of ACG in China. In 2017, Yostar successfully released the mobile game Azur Lane initially for Japan. As popularity grew dramatically for Azur Lane, we then successfully held its global release in 2018. via

Can you refund skins in Azur Lane?

If you drew a skin that you already have, you will be refunded 80% of the gem cost. When bought, Black Friday Lucky Bag will appear in your mailbox. If you drew a ship skin that you already have, you will be refunded 100% of the gem cost. via

How do I transfer data to Azur lane?

If you have successfully linked your game to Twitter, you should be able to transfer your game data by tapping the Twitter icon, then 確定. via

How do I cancel my Azur Lane account?

From your device it's easy -- just reinstall the game (or if you have a file browser, look for the your log-in file and delete that). You can enter the same game server again and create a new account. via

How do I change my Azur lane server?

After logging into the app and before clicking the "Press to start" button, players have the ability to choose which server to connect to. The currently selected server appears as a yellow button with the server name on it; pressing this will bring up a list of the servers and allows the player to select a new one. via

Who is the CEO of Azur lane?

You didn't think we forgot about this did ya? 😉 Watch YOUR questions being answered by CEO Dai Dai. #AzurLane. via

Can't be rolled due to a request from the publisher Yostar games?

Due to a request from the publisher Yostar Games Shanghai, characters from the series Azur Lane, Arknights and Mahjong Soul can't be rolled anymore. They are allowed to stay in the database, stay in your collection if you already claimed them and can be exchanged/given (with the existing commands only). via

How do I make an Arknight account?

  • It will require front and back photos of your passport or id.
  • Usually will take 2-4 hours.
  • It will pop up a screen like this once you are verified. You should be able to login Arknights.
  • via

    Is there a male main character in Azur lane?

    There is nothing in game supporting this. Well, in English, the ship's namesake's gender is not attributed to the ship itself. Many ships are named after men, but still referred to as female. Thanks for all of the replies! via

    How many GB is Azur lane?

    Storage: 4 GB available space. via

    How many ships are in Azur lane?

    Azur Lane has a wide range of warships from all over the world. ・More than 300 ships, each with its unique stats and represented by a beautiful character! via

    Is there PvP in Azur lane?

    As different opponents do their PvP battles at different times, some players will gain more Rank Score than other players based on the opponents they get matched against. via

    Is Kancolle a Gacha game?

    Unlike other online games in Japan, Kantai Collection was designed with the intention of not forcing the player to spend money or participate in "gacha" lotteries. via

    Is Kantai Collection still available?


    Kantai Collection (also known as KanColle) is an online browser game created by Kadokawa Games. via

    Is Azur Lane generous?

    Azur Lane is very generous when it comes to awarding new ships. So, instead of re-rolling, just keep playing the game. via

    Is Gacha life a Gacha game?

    Gacha Life, (also known as Gachaverse 2 and Gacha Life 1, abbreviated as GL) is a free role-playing, single-player game created by Lunime. It was then released on iOS on October 30, 2018. The PC version of Gacha Life was released in early November. via

    Is Epic Seven worth playing?

    Verdict. Epic Seven is probably one of the most story-rich Hero Collecting RPGs… While not being too different from other Gachas when it comes to basic gameplay and combat, Epic Seven is probably one of the most story-rich Hero Collecting RPGs on the mobile market. via

    Is Prinz Eugen still radioactive?

    The wreck of the Prinz Eugen, with USNS Salvor and tanker Humber anchored above. The Navy determined in 1974 that neither Prinz Eugen nor the oil inside the wreck is still radioactive. The oil retrieval process is now ongoing, a joint project of the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and the Republic of Micronesia. via

    Did Prinz Eugen have radar?

    In her fnal configuration Prinz Eugen carried a huge 3m x 6m mattress for FuMO 26 on the face of her radar tower and an antenna on the foremast for the most sophisticated German radar set of the war - a FuMO 81 Berlin-S panoramic reconnaissance radar working on a wavelength of 6cm. via

    Why was the Graf Spee called a pocket battleship?

    Due to their heavy armament of six 28 cm (11 in) guns, high speed and long cruising range, the class was more capable of high seas operation than the old pre-dreadnought battleships they replaced; for this reason, they were referred to as "pocket battleships", particularly in the British press. via

    Who made Arknights?

    Arknights (Chinese: 明日方舟; pinyin: Míngrì Fāngzhōu, "Tomorrow's Ark") is a free-to-play tower defense mobile game developed by Chinese developers Studio Montagne and Hypergryph. It was released in China on 1 May 2019, in other countries on 16 January 2020 and in Taiwan on 29 June 2020. via

    Can you play Azur lane on PC?

    Azur Lane is an Action game developed by Yostar Limited.. BlueStacks app player is the best PC platform (emulator) to play this android game on your PC or Mac for a better gaming experience. Azur Lane is the Naval Warfare game you always wanted! When power clashes with ideology, a new era begins. via

    Is Azur lane free?

    With the Azur Lane free download, the game is very friendly for free-to-play gamers and people who want to complete collections. While there is an auto-play like any gacha game, the manual play mode is quite engaging for fans of the shoot-em-up game genre. via

    Will Azur Lane shut down?

    But it will return soon after with a new 2-phase event. We know how hard it is for some of you to separate yourself from your precious Shipgirls in Idea Factory's hit mobile game Azur Lane. The official Azur Lane Twitter account confirmed today that maintenance will shut the game down for a short while. via

    Can you reroll in Azur Lane?

    To Reroll or Not to Reroll

    Azur Lane is a very generous mobile game if you do not get a Super Rare unit (The rarest grade so far). Do not despair, there are many ways of obtaining Super Rare units even if luck isn't in your favor. The game offers a pity system, where you can Retire units for medals. via

    What is the difference between Azur Lane and Azur Lane crosswave?

    In the core mobile game, Azur Lane, battles are conducted via a turn-based strategic grid. Actual combat encounters are done via 2D shoot-'em-up-style scrolling-screen encounters. Crosswave opts to ditch the turn-based strategy aspects for something more akin to a visual novel that has a battle system. via

    Can you get free gems in Azur lane?

    There are only a few ways to get gems in Azur Lane besides purchasing them directly. There are instances when the game will give out free Gems, so if you really want an Oath for a shipgirl it is possible even without spending money. via

    How do I get Azur lane free promise ring?

    Apparently if you touch Akashi's face a few times in the gems shop you'll get a set of promise rings in your mail. via

    How do you unlock Akashi? (video)

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