What Age Did Marat Safin Retire?

What is Marat Safin doing now? Safin retired fairly young at just 29 years of age and after being a member of the Russian Tennis Federation and a member of the Russian Olympic Committee he moved into Politics. He became a member of the State Duma in 2011 which he held until 2017 before terminating his seat. via

Is Marat Safin retired?

Safin was an exceptional player, winning two Grand Slams. He won the US Open in 2000 and the Australian Open in 2005. He eventually retired in 2009. via

What nationality is Marat Safin?

Marat Safin via

Why did Dinara Safina retire?

Safina retired in 2014 after a lengthy absence from the tour since 2011 due to an ongoing back injury. She is the younger sister of former world No. 1 men's player Marat Safin. via

How old is Safin?

Marat Safin via

Who is Marat Safin sister?

Marat Safin via

Where is Dinara Safina now?

Dinara Safina, Former no.

The former No. 1 is now enjoying her retired life in Monte Carlo. At the same time, Safina works with up-and-coming players and coaches them. via

Did Marat Safin win a Grand Slam?

Marat Safin via

Who does Marat Safin coach?

Lundgren then took over coaching Marat Safin and guided him to the 2005 Australian Open championship and worked with him until August 2006. via

What is the meaning of Safin?

Baby Name : Safin. Gender : Boy. Origin : Arabic. Safin Meaning: "small name of Islamic Prophet, Muhammad SAW" via

Who is the best Russian tennis player?

1. Maria Sharapova (1987 - ) With an HPI of 65.48, Maria Sharapova is the most famous Russian Tennis Player. via

How many Grand Slams does Sampras have?

Pete Sampras via

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