What Did Salad Fingers Give Birth To?

A black slimy object that Salad Fingers "gives birth to" out of the front of his stomach in episode nine. The object may be a tumour that has caused Salad Fingers' sickness as he feels better after 'giving birth' to her. via

What Salad Fingers mean?

The Cannibal Theory

Salad Fingers is believed to suffer from dissociative identity disorder, and that Hubert Cumberdale (one of his finger puppets) was his true personality, and SF was just Hubert's gentle and oblivious side. The theory also notes SF's obsession with a substance that he believes is rust. via

What mental illness does Salad Fingers have?

Mental Disorder

Salad Fingers was originally listed as being schizophrenic and having pica. This has been changed to him merely having psychosis. via

What is Salad Fingers real name?

David Firth is the creator of Salad Fingers, one of the most popular internet animations of all time. The videos, which were — and still are — one of the only true global internet phenomena, revolve around the existence of a grey-green, wasteland-dwelling character called Salad Fingers. via

Why is Salad Fingers so weird?

Salad Fingers came about in the early 2000s, when viral videos on the internet were mostly nonsensical. Series creator David Firth claimed to have drawn inspiration from web videos like "Charlie the Unicorn" and strange bits of animation from Newgrounds, motivating Firth to create something unique. via

Why did Salad Fingers eat himself?

By eating himself, he is destroying his last threads of sanity. That's why he likes to taste the little puppets, to remind him of the comrades he's eaten. Salad Fingers is a Hive Mind. After the Great War, Salad Fingers's platoon developed a hive mind, and became a roving pack of cannibals after the war ended. via

Is Salad Fingers a zombie?

Salad Fingers is voiced by David Firth, the creator of the series. He was theorized to be a zombie, but this was debunked by Firth. Salad Fingers' true identity, age, and species are unknown. His gender is also debated by fans, though it could be explained as him being a male who acts out female personalities. via

Is Salad Fingers autistic?

Salad Fingers appears to suffer from psychosis with some autistic traits, and is unable or unwilling to distinguish between living beings and inanimate objects, and is frequently found talking to various inert articles (notably his finger puppets and in two cases a human corpse). via

What does Salad Fingers look like?

The character Salad Fingers is a bizarre, humanoid creature with green skin. It has three, tendril-like fingers on each hand, yellowing teeth, and creepy eyes. The character speaks in haunting tones about his love for rusty spoons and particularly enjoys how they feel against his salad fingers. via

What happened to the little girl in salad fingers?

Salad Fingers' disliking of Mable's soft talk is probably due to his long isolation from friendly human contact, receiving mostly only screeches as a response from other people. Mabel is not featured in any other episodes of the series, making her status unknown, though it can be best assumed that she is still alive. via

What inspired salad fingers?

Quickly written and created, it was inspired by Firth's friend Christian Webb commenting that he had “salad fingers” while playing the guitar. Firth was sufficiently inspired by this image to create a peculiar animated humanoid creature with limp lettuce fingers who was obsessed with rusty spoons. via

Is Salad Fingers Jeremy Fisher?

Jeremy Fisher is one of the deuteragonists introduced in Friends, along with Marjory Stewart-Baxter and Hubert Cumberdale as finger puppets, in the Salad Fingers series. The Salad Fingers inside the house appears to be hallucinating, seeing the "outside" Salad Fingers as a life-size Jeremy Fisher. via

What website was salad fingers on?

About Salad Fingers

Salad Fingers is a surreal post-apocalyptic, psychological horror Flash cartoon series created by British cartoonist David Firth in July 2005. It is usually featured on YouTube and Newgrounds. via

Is salad fingers a game?

Salad Fingers is now crawling out from the noughties and into nostalgia-laced modernity with a new point and click adventure game - albeit one made without Firth's involvement. It's called Salad Fingers Where's May Gone and there's a trailer below. via

Will there be a 12th episode of salad fingers?

Salad Fingers currently has one season, consisting of eleven episodes (with the intention of more). Film Theory made a video about it and in the comments section David Firth commented: "Salad Fingers isn't over....." indicating that a new episode was in the works. via

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