What Happens If You Remove Reed From Edgewater?

You'll gain 11,400 xp, a discount on Spacer's Choice products, and reputation for Spacer's Choice. If you opt to remove Reed from power, return to him without telling either of the pair to leave. While talking with Reed he will eventually grow annoyed at you. via

Should you remove Reed from Edgewater?

Remove Reed from Edgewater

The first is murder. This is a risky option, because the two guards in Reed's office will start attacking you. Parvati will also try to leave your party if kill Reed and you don't have 10 Determination to convince her to stay. via

Should I kill Reed?

The decision is ultimately yours to make, as there's no special reward for either option. It's worth noting that if you do kill (or pickpocket) Reed, you may be able to get the keycard for his storage room in his office. via

What happens if you kill Tobson and Adelaide?

Killing Reed Tobson or Adelaide McDevitt will reward the Stranger with the Obsidian skull ship decoration. Diverting power to the Botanical Labs will reward the Stranger with the Puffball plant ship decoration. Diverting power to Edgewater will reward the Stranger with the Edgewater sign ship decoration. via

Should I destroy Edgewater outer worlds?

Wipe out Edgewater completely, and that will be less resources being leeched from the Board. You don't have to do the dirty deed yourself. Adjutant Sophia has provided a number of automechanicals to wipe out the town for you. via

Should I side with Reed or Adelaide?

Reed will humbly recognize that Adelaide is a better fit for the colony and step aside. If you kill him, you have to kill his guards too. And you risk losing Parvati as a companion if you don't have 10 Determination to convince her that murdering her boss in cold blood in front of her isn't that big a deal. via

Does Parvati leave outer worlds?

Parvati will never leave the ship and become best friends with Ada. She will never fully come out of her shell. via

Can you have relationships in outer worlds?

Unfortunately, there are no romance options in The Outer Worlds. Although you can recruit Companions to join your crew aboard The Unreliable, there's no way you can engage in any sort of serious relationship with them. via

How do you convince Zoe?

Kill all the Marauders surrounding the small cluster of buildings. Speak to Zoe, and tell her about Stefan's special surprise. This will cause Zoe to commit to going back to the Botanical Labs. Go back to Grace and report your success. via

What happens if you kill everyone in outer worlds?

You can complete Obsidian's forthcoming open-world RPG, The Outer Worlds, by killing literally everyone. That's according to Brian Heins, senior designer at developer Obsidian. via

How long is outer world?

The Outer Worlds is around 25 hours long. via

How do you get Ludwig right? (video)

How can I convince Adelaide to come back?

If you reroute power to Edgewater and want all of the Deserters - including Adelaide to return home, then you need to convince Reed to leave. First, head to the Deserter camp and take the power regulator. Speak to Adelaide and implore her to come back to Edgewater. She'll agree under the condition that Reed is gone. via

Should I get Reed to step down?

If you plan to get Reed to step down, tell him to wait. Grace will agree to return if you let Zoe die or you killed her, since she feels she cannot defend the settlement. If you plan to get Reed to step down, tell her to wait. You can Persuade (15) Reed to step down or you can kill Reed by attacking him. via

Who should I give the medicine to in outer worlds?

The only reason to give the medicine to Abernathy is if you truly believe his story and feel sorry for him. In summary, we recommend giving the medicine to Esther as she'll put it to better use, and you'll receive better rewards from her when it comes to Bits and XP. via

Should you turn in Welles outer worlds?

Turning him in sets you off on a path siding with the mega-corporations and maintaining the status quo, rather than fighting the system or improving lives. It, frankly, seems like this is the black-hat path that will lead to the “bad” ending. via

Should I turn in Phineas outer worlds?

It's mostly the same quest you would have to complete next if you were siding with Phineas, so there's no real change to the game here. Just like on Terra-2, you can resolve the quest any way you want and still be on track. via

What is the point of no return outer worlds?

Going to Tartarus is the point of no return, so if there's any side content you've left undone - now's the time to do it. Once you reach the prison, make your way through the complex until you come across Chairman Rockwell. He will confront you and your party, and you can either convince him to let you go or kill him. via

Where are all 3 volumes in outer world?

The third and final volume can be found in the Geothermal Power Plant, where you reroute the power. The location of the Geothermal Power Plant in Emerald Vale. The Geothermal Power Plant can be found to the north-east of Edgewater. Looking for the chimneys dispelling colourful chemicals into the air. via

How do you get into the Reed Room in outer worlds?

Just kill everyone in the room, and loot the key off of Reed's still warm corpse. You can now unlock his room, which has a container with some items, a terminal with some additional lore, and his bowler hat on a self. via

How do you get mightier than the sword trophy?

Talking to Sophia will earn you this achievement (as long as the deserters returned and Reed is still in charge), then re-load the immediate save, go to Edgewater, and kill Reed. Head back to Sophia, and she'll give you the "Foundation" quest, which will earn you the other achievement. via

Can you get laid in outer worlds?

Obsidian's upcoming sci-fi RPG, The Outer Worlds, was revealed at The Game Awards last week. In that video, the RPG's party system, which allows you to have multiple companions at once, was discussed. via

Can you sleep with Parvati outer worlds?

Parvati does have an interesting side story regarding romance, but don't expect to woo or sleep with any of them. via

Can you date Parvati in outer worlds?

Are there any romance options in The Outer Worlds for players looking for love? Sadly, the answer is no. If you bring Parvati along with you to the Groundbreaker ship to meet captain/engineer Junlei Tennyson, you will be able to arrange a romance between the two. via

What is the best weapon in outer worlds?

Best Weapons in Outer Worlds

  • Assault Rifle Ultra. Assault Rifles are some of the most useful weapons in Outer Worlds as they have good range, good rate of fire and quick reload speed.
  • Phin's Phorce.
  • Shock Cannon Ultra.
  • Irion's Flintlock.
  • Supper Time.
  • via

    Will outer worlds 2 have romance?

    The Outer Worlds 2 was announced during this year's E3 Expo, and fans are already theorizing what its gameplay could look like, including its romance. Romance, however, was a notably absent feature despite its prominence in similar RPG titles - and its inclusion in other releases from Obsidian Entertainment. via

    Why is there no romance in the outer world?

    As explained by Leonard Boyarsky, co-creator of the original Fallout games and co-game director of The Outer Worlds, to Polygon in an interview back in December 2018, the decision to remove romance was because the team wanted players to focus on role-playing their character, and any romance options would "funnel via

    Should I give the medicine to Esther Blaine?

    The anthrocillin can be given to Esther Blaine who says that she will distribute the medicine to "somebody deserving" including Silas, Amelia Kim, and anyone in the sick house. Giving the anthrocillin to Esther yields a base reward of 700 bits. With an Intimidate 5 or Charm 1 check, she will pay an additional 300 bits. via

    Where can you find Zoe?

    To find Zoe, you need to stop by her house and some journal entries. If you walk toward the Botanical Lab, turn left and walk into the house on the far end of the street. You'll know you're in the right house if there's a journal page on a table to your right. Read it, and you'll instantly learn where Zoe went. via

    Can you kill anyone in outer worlds?

    Speaking to Polygon, Obsidian's senior designer Brian Heins confirmed that in The Outer Worlds, you'll be able to kill anyone you want. And to protect your ability to complete quests, there are back-up systems in place. via

    Should you kill Captain MacRedd?

    "Based on the bounty listing, Captain MacRedd was last sighted in the Back Bays. Head there and take him out." In this objective, you do not need to kill Captain MacRedd in order to complete this. You can convince MacRedd to just give you his lighter since it can be used as proof to get the rewards from the bounty. via

    Can you romance Ellie in outer worlds?

    You cannot romance any companions in The Outer Worlds. Be it Parvati, Ellie, Vicar Max or Felix, there are no romance options for any companions in the game. via

    Why is outer worlds so short?

    The small scale of The Outer Worlds was meant to encourage people to replay it, to experience the branching narrative options, but it definitely felt like there was something missing. “We had to make one cut too many. All through the project we were making cuts. We told our story. via

    Is the outer world worth it?

    The underlying story is handled beautifully. I won't spoil anything but it is a game worth playing through. Side quests are often a lot of fun as well and worth taking your time to complete. via

    How long does it take to 100% The Outer Worlds?

    The Outer Worlds is likely to take players at least 24 hours to beat, and that's on the very low end of the estimates. To be done within 24 hours, players would need to skip numerous side quests and likely duck out of quite a few dialogue options as they play. However, 24 hours total play time is doable. via

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