What Is Void War?

A Void War is a cross-realm Kill Event. A Void Portal will open between our realm and another realm of similar strength. Both we and the enemy realm will be able to visit each others' realms and attack each others' castles. All troops Killed in Void Wars will die the true death. via

How long does void last in Wao?

The void wars work on a three week cycle. Each realm can have 1 attack and 1 defense during the first two week period. via

What is battle frenzy in war and order?

The Cross-Realm Battle Frenzy will unlock this Sunday (Server Time 00:00 May 10). During the event, Troops can't be killed, but Wounded Troops will enter the Event Hospital. After the event is over, Troops in the Hospital will be recovered automatically. via

How do I hide troops in war and order? (video)

How do you become king in war and order?

War and Order Help. I want to be King! The leader of the alliance that successfully Seizes the Crown and Guards the Crown will have the right to name any player they choose as King. If they do not select a King within a certain amount of time, then they will automatically become King. via

How do I increase my military rank in war and order? (video)

How do you get merit in war and order? (video)

How do you get a peace shield in game of war?

Peace Shields are used to protect your Keep from enemy scouts and attacks. Peace Shields come in a variety of durations ranging from 2 hours to 30 days. They can be purchased in-game using Gold, included in packs purchased from the store, or received as rewards from Events or Quests. via

How do you hide troops in guns of glory? (video)

What are wish cards in war and order?

1) Upgrade Alliance Skills with a special item, Wish Cards. 2) Wish Cards have a chance to drop in the Ancient Ruins, Elite Adventures, and Realm Invasions. 3) Alliance members will earn Alliance Points and Alliance Honor for donating Wish Cards, and you can also see a ranking for who donates the most Wish Cards. via

How do you get elite mines in war and order?

Elite mines are large mines in the map, these are collected by placeing a flag over AT LEAST one part of the mine. After this every member in the alliance is allowed to use the Elite Mine to collect the resources in that mine. There is a maximum of 5 members in a mine at one time. via

What does HP stand for in war and order?

April 12, 2016 · #UnitSpotlight: Human Infantry. Special Skill: "Blockade." HP increased when defending. Don't forget to recruit some Human Infantry for your defense force! via

How do I raise my Lord level in War and order? (video)

How do I join an alliance in war and order?

You can create or join an alliance as soon as you're done with the Newbie Tutorial Tap the "Alliance" button to enter the alliance screen. The first time you create or join an alliance, you'll earn a reward of 200 Gems. Creating an alliance only costs 200 Gems. via

How do you use SOS in war and order?

SOS takes effect on the first battle to FINISH after you activate it, not the first battle you begin! - MAKE SURE no allies are following behind you. If they join your attack, your SOS won't take effect. via

How do you use elite teleport in war and order?

In order to teleport with an elite teleport click to the map, find a place you would like to teleport, place your castle there and if you are able to teleport it should show as a green color. Click 'confirm' and your castle will be teleported to the new location. via

How do you increase building power in war and order?

Recruiting soldiers, building and upgrading buildings, researching new technologies, and recruiting defensive golems are all ways to increase your combat power. via

How do you destroy the alliance Castle in war and order?

The Alliance Fort is a safe spot since each alliance member can reinforce it with one full march of their troops, and it cannot be attacked by anyone. It can only be destroyed if the Alliance Castle's health reaches 0. To use it, just select on the map and choose "Reinforce." via

What is realm invasion Wao?

Realm Invasions are a fast-paced and high stakes competition where you can conquer your whole GLOBE! Realm Invasions are held as a globe-wide Competition Season, in which your whole Realm competes as a unit. via

Where can I buy a shield in state of survival?

Head into your alliance store, where you will be able to purchase a 2 hour or 8 hour shield. You will need to ask your alliance leader or R4's to stock them. This flare will be placed in your backpack under “war”, where you will have to activate it. via

How do you activate the peace shield in Kiss of war?

To activate it select your HQ and then Boosters -> Peace Shield. Recruit More Troops: Make sure to always recruit additional military units. They will help you be effective out on the world but will also keep you safe at home. via

How do you get loyalty points in game of war? (video)

How many troops should I have in guns of glory?

As a general rule of thumb, you should at least have twice as much infantry as you have of the other units combined. This is because, if you don't have enough infantry, your other units will suffer heavy casualties in combat. via

How do you increase army damage in guns of glory? (video)

How do I teleport to another realm in war and order?

If you meet the requirements, you can teleport to another realm simply by selecting the Realm you want from the Globe Map, then tapping on your chosen spot to teleport there with an Elite Teleport. via

Can you move your alliance Castle in war and order?

If your castle is already 100% within alliance or union territory borders, and your territory meets the minimum size requirements, you just need to use a "Territory Teleport" item or spend 700 Gems to move to a chosen location within your territory. via

How do you raise plant flags in war and order? (video)

What is VIP in war and order?

When you activate VIP, you'll enjoy many special privileges, allowing you grow much faster than an average player. 2. Login each day to get VIP Points. Login on continuous days to earn greater amounts of VIP Points. via

What are VIP privileges in war and order?

What are VIP privileges in war and order? When your VIP is activated you will enjoy many kinds of benefits. These can include increasing your number of March Slots, increasing your Instant Construction time, Resource Production boost, Marching Speed increase, Troop Health, Attack and Defense bonuses among others. via

How do you get Alliance points in Age of Z? (video)

What is colossus in war and order?

The Colossus provides 2 types of upgrades: Colossus Stats, and Colossus Skills. These are permanent (while Activated) stat boosts to your Colossus troop type. They can be Fortified with Titan Crystals, which are earned by recruiting at least 500 Troops T7 and above, and by damaging Behemoths. via

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