Where Can I Play Pesterquest?

Pesterquest on GOG.com. via

Is Hiveswap still being worked on?

Continued development and further Acts

In late March and early April 2018, several high-profile members of the What Pumpkin Games team working on Hiveswap announced that they were no longer working at the company. via

Why is homestuck bad?

Homestuck does not live up to the hype. The pacing is horrible: The Comic is given fake length through unnecessary running gags that have no effect on the overall plot. There are very few resolutions to the plot, it feels like you are always hanging and the story never moves forward. via

Is Homestuck 2 still going?

Homestuck^2 is an officially commissioned story which explores a continuation of the narrative after the events of The Homestuck Epilogues. It began in October of 2019 and updated regularly for about a year until it was paused indefinitely. The creative team is now being commissioned to finish the story privately. via

Does Steam have Pesterquest?

Pesterquest on Steam. What Pumpkin Games, Inc. Embark on a quest of epic importance in Pesterquest, a grimsical episodic visual novel adventure set in the darkly funny Homestuck / Hiveswap universe. Find all the answers you're looking for as you zap between Earth and Alternia making friends as you go. via

What is pumpkin game?

What Pumpkin via

Did Andrew Hussie work on Hiveswap?

Hiveswap is an episodic adventure game developed by What Pumpkin Games and overseen by Andrew Hussie and Cohen Edenfield. via

How old is Lanque?

Lanque is a little over half a year older than Bronya (so 18). Marsti is 18." CuriousCat. via

How old is John Egbert at the end of homestuck?

John is a thirteen year old boy who's birthday is on April 13. He is the first kid to be revealed and one of the four kids (along with Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider,and Jade Harley). via

Can you still read Homestuck without flash?

A fan with the nickname Bambosh has created an offline archive of the series that preserves its Flash animation. Bambosh put the offline browser and content up for free download on their github page. However, with Flash finally being phased out at the end of 2020, Homestuck is in a precarious state. via

Is the Homestuck fandom dead?

On April 13, 2016, Homestuck “ended.” A nine-minute long animated video was posted to the site titled [S] ACT 7, garnering mixed reviews from the fandom, with some believing it did not tie up many loose ends or provide sufficient closure for many beloved characters. via

What's so great about Homestuck?

Think about it; Homestuck has time travel, literal internet stereotypes, shipping, characters that almost anyone can relate to, it has a text based game vibe, modern culture references, lots of reader influence and much more. via

Why is Homestuck 2 hated?

The HS Epilogues and HS^2 are mainly hated because they take a bleaker and more mature tone than Homestuck. Homestuck in general was mostly the Fandom that 'ruined' it for many, in a similar way to Undertale's case, which is ironic because Undertale also draws heavy inspiration from Homestuck. via

How long would it take to read Homestuck?

How long does it take to read it to the current page? Depending on your pacing (say, about 200-300 pages daily), it can take almost a month. via

Does Homestuck 2 Follow meat or candy?

Dubiously Canon

Homestuck^2 is a post-Canon work following directly on from the similarly semi-canonical Homestuck Epilogues. The storylines described here should be considered internally canonical to the Meat and Candy timelines, but only questionably canonical to Homestuck proper. via

Is Nepeta Leijon autistic?

Nepeta carries many traits which are both stereotypically and genuinely linked to autism, such as doodling a cat avatar next to her Pesterchum messages, biting her hat in frustration (stimming), living in social isolation, adoring cats altogether, having a "special interest" in her shipping wall, and generally being via

Is Steamunlocked safe?

In case you are wondering whether Steamunlocked is safe or not, Steamunlocked is safe! Yes, the site is safe, and most of the users who visit the site have no issues. Mistplay is a free loyalty program for mobile gamers. via

What is Pumpkin Cindy?

Cindy Dominguez is the current President and CEO of What Pumpkin Games. via

Who is the CEO of pumpkin?

Alexandre Douzet - Chief Executive Officer - Pumpkin | LinkedIn. via

What happened to Whatpumpkin?

The What Pumpkin Games logo On April 13th, 2019, the @skaianetsystems twitter account was renamed back to @whatpumpkin. On this same day, the release day of The Homestuck Epilogues, the whatpumpkin.com web domain was relaunched with a new logo and title, "What Pumpkin Games". via

What is Andrew Hussie doing now?

In a new trailer that is simply named “Trailer,” Andrew Hussie has revealed a new visual novel he's working on that isn't Homestuck-related. The official Homestuck Twitter account has noted that this new series has nothing to do with Homestuck. via

How old is Tobyfox?

Toby Fox via

What state is Andrew Hussie from?

Andrew Hussie was born on August 25, 1979. Hussie graduated from Temple University with a degree in computer science. He once lived in Guam and had said that he has "moved well over fifty times". As of 2010 he was living in western Massachusetts. via

How old is Chahut?

Troll Adulthood happens in their 20s. Chahut is like, 20-21, and Skylla, Mallek and Lanque are at least 19-plus. Tirona, Wanshi, Karako and the Twins are described as “Tweens”, and Wanshi confirms she's 12-13, which makes them the same age as the Beta Trolls when SGRUB starts. via

How many piercings does mallek have?

Mallek was first revealed during the Hiveswap Troll Call event alongside Daraya Jonjet on November 15, 2017. His bullet points were "Master of the blockchain", "13 piercings at last count" and "Sweet kicks". via

Who died the most in Homestuck?

Jack (unsurprisingly) kills more than anyone else, causing almost ¼ of all Homestuck Deaths. via

Why is Kurloz mouth sewn shut?

It truly echoed the horror of the Vast Honk itself. The noise was so loud and so awful, Meulin went completely deaf, and her hearing never recovered. Kurloz was undou8tedly devastated 8y what he'd done to her. He was so distraught, he sewed his mouth shut and has never spoken a word since.” via

What does Dave call karkat?

Dave calls Karkat many nicknames. One of his favorites is “Kitkat” and whenever he uses this, he will randomly pull out a Kitkat candy bar. Karkat won't admit it, but Kitkats are his favorite candy now because of this. via

Is Homestuck an HTML?

Thanks to the VIZ Media team for porting all MSPA content over to Homestuck.com, which now enables mobile viewing for all pages. This has been done by converting Flash files into either an HTML-based format, or converting to a video file. Homestuck is a huge story, with many different presentations and uses of media. via

Is Homestuck a Flash?

Andrew Hussie has used Adobe Flash throughout the course of Homestuck to create animations, pages with sound, and mini-games in a variety of forms. Homestuck Beta started on April 10, 2009 with 8 pages fully in Flash. via

Is Homestuck gone?

Homestuck proper ended in April 2016, but other works continue to expand and explore various parts of the world depicted in Homestuck. via

Is Homestuck still popular?

The popular webcomic Homestuck drew to a close today, almost exactly seven years after it began. After 8,150 pages since its April 13, 2009, debut, creator Andrew Hussie chose to end the series with a video. via

Who made homestuck 2?

Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon is an official post-Canon sequel comic to Homestuck and The Homestuck Epilogues. The story is a collaboration between What Pumpkin Studios and Snake Solutions Studio LLP, an independent media partnership founded by Hiveswap writer Aysha U. Farah and Homestuck fan creator Kate Mitchell. via

Is Megalovania in homestuck?

His extremely popular track, “Megalovania,” was originally used in a EarthBound hack mod, then used in Homestuck, and then used as Sans' theme from Undertale. via

Is Homestuck a word?

What does Homestuck mean? Homestuck is a popular interactive webcomic created by Andrew Hussie. via

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