Who Has The Most Fingers In The World?

Akshat Saxena was born with 10 toes on each foot and seven fingers on each hand, making him Guinness world record holder for polydactyly. (CBS) His name is Akshat Saxena, and the one-year-old from northern India is now said to be the new holder of the Guinness world record for having the most fingers and toes. via

Who has the biggest hands in the world 2020?

Sultan Kösen's hands were measured by a doctor at the Medicana International Ankara Hospital, Turkey with Seyda Subasi present. Sultan also has the widest hand span at 30.48 cm (12 in). via

Who has the largest hands in history?

Robert Wadlow (USA), the tallest man ever, had hands that measured 32.3 cm (12.75 in) from the wrist to the tip of his middle finger. via

Who has the longest thumbs in the world?

Typically, 21-year-old Jacob Pina's thumb measures two inches in length, but it can extend to a whopping five and a half inches. Jacob first discovered that his thumb was unique when he was a teenager. And despite how "abnormal" it is, doctors confirmed that it wasn't linked to any underlying medical conditions. via

Has anyone got 7 fingers?

Devendra Suthar was born with polydactyly, which occurs when too many fingers and toes are formed in the womb during the sixth or seventh week of pregnancy. The 46-year-old appears in the Guinness Book of Records for having seven fingers and toes on each of his extremities. via

Who has the longest neck in the world?

Among living animals, adult bull giraffes have the longest necks, capable of reaching about 8 feet (2.4 m) long. No other living creature exceeds half this length. via

How big are Kobe Bryant's hands?

Kobe Bryant

Bryant's hands have been measured to be roughly nine inches in length. At 6'6", this is somewhat average by NBA standards; they are certainly not impressive. Kobe can palm the ball but he can't "palm palm the ball" (in his own words) like Dr J or MJ. via

How big are Michael Jordan hands?

8. Michael Jordan: 9.75/11.375 inches. Hand size: 9.75 inches (hand length) and 11.375 inches (hand span). Height: 6'6”. via

Which woman has biggest hands?

The largest hands on a living person (female) belong to Huda Shehata (Egypt) whose right-hand measures 24.13 cm (9.50 in) and left-hand measures 24.3 cm (9.56 in), as verified in Cairo, Egypt on 27 April 2021. Huda has a hand span of 27 cm and an arm span of 236.3 cm. via

Who has the longest arm in the world?

Giannis Antetokounmpo has the world's longest arms - SBNation.com. via

Who has the longest name in the world?

The longest personal name is 747 characters long, and belongs to Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff Sr. (b. 4 August 1914, Germany) who passed away on 24 October 1997, in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania USA, as verified on 1 January 2021. via

Who is the world's shortest man?

Men. Chandra was declared the shortest human adult ever documented and verified, measuring 21.51 in (54.64 cm). Height confirmed by Guinness World Records. Guinness World Records verified Mohammed's height at 22 in (57 cm). via

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