Who Is The Nightbringer?

The Nightbringer is the King of the Jinn. His only goal is to free the Jinn and enact revenge on humans, specifically the Scholars. via

Does Laia sleep with Keenan?

Laia and Elias have a great thing going on until Keenan pops back up, and then Laia is suddenly in love with him, but it seems like she has strong feelings for Elias... Well, in any case, Laia loves Keenan. Kisses Keenan. Has sex with Keenan. via

Who is Elias's father?

Elias Veturius is the twenty-year-old son of the Commandant, Keris Veturia, and the grandson of the leader of Gens Veturia, Quin Veturius, who has appointed Elias as his heir. Elias was given up at birth by his mother, who left him with Tribe Saif. via

Who does Keenan end up with?

He has spent the last nine hundred years searching for his missing Summer Queen, who will be able to break the curse and release his power. Keenan is in love with Donia, who became the Winter Girl, which keeps them from being together. via

Is Elias Veturius dead?

During A Torch Against the Night, Elias Veturius dies but becomes a Soul Catcher. He has a mentor, Sheava, who had barely begun to teach him how to hone his powers enough to help ghosts cross over when she died, leaving him to fend for himself. via

Does Elias love Helene?

Elias is Helene's first love and "the worst thing that ever happened to her." They are mutual best friends. via

Do Elias and Laia kiss?

Elias kisses Laia for the first time as a ruse to convince his mother that he has been having sex with her so she will not get in trouble for being in the city. Later, Laia kisses both Keenan and Elias. Although she is drawn to Keenan, it is Elias' kiss that ignites her passion. via

Do Elias and Laia get married?

Spoiler... Elias and Laia never get together. Good storylines and all but i feel like I hung on to the series because I was waiting for them to get together. I also felt like I was waiting for Helene and Harper to get together and yet that never happens. via

Is there any romance in An Ember in the Ashes?

But the romance in An Ember in the Ashes was just annoying. There was basically no emotional connection between Laia and Elias OR Laia and Keenan (a side character/the other love interest.) The whole romance was just “omg s/he's so hot” and literally NOTHING ELSE. And yes, there is a love triangle. via

Who dies in a torch against the night?

Izzi is killed during a fight with a bunch of Masks. Laia asks Afya to leave after she gets angry. Keenan and Laia are now the only two left. Elias learns that Darin is dead. via

What did Elias whisper to Laia?

I will find you, Laia. I will find a way. This is not our end.” “Thank you, Soul Catcher.” via

Did Elias leave WWE?

Elias has killed off his WWE persona and is seemingly set to try something new. The multi-talented superstar appeared on Raw this week in a pre-taped video as he was seen throwing his signature guitar into a fire pit. In a voiceover, he said: 'WWE stood for Walk With Elias. But Elias is dead. via

Does Keenan actually love Laia?

Keenan manipulates Laia into falling in love with him by preying on her loneliness. He seems to be doing something to Laia's emotions and mental state. He makes her doubt herself in order to make her feel weak and alone. via

Who is cook in a torch against the night?

It is revealed that Cook is actually Mirra of Serra, Laia's mother. During her torture sessions with Keris, Mirra breaks the necks of her husband, Jahan, and older daughter, Lis, to put them out of their misery and to prevent them from spilling any information. She resents herself for this. via

How does the Wicked Lovely series end?

In the end, Aislinn and Keenan find common ground and arrive at an understanding. Aislinn agrees to the test and becomes the Summer Queen. Keenan kills his mother, Beira, and Donia becomes the new Winter Queen. Seth and Aislinn are established as a couple, though she is now a faery and he is still mortal. via

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